William Newell

  • Return to Scotland by William Newell

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    It’s been three years since John and Katie visited Glasgow and vanished into ancient Scotland. Their marriage, once on the rocks, is much stronger than ever before. Katie has decided she’d like to go back and write the story of what had happened to them. As part of her research, she visits the place her family the Cathcarts come from – Cathcart, Glasgow. When they visit the graves of Katie’s most ancient ancestor, a strange haze comes over both, bringing them to a time and place neither had suspected. The Highland Clearances (1820) finds both Katie and John lost and separated. They discover Katie’s ancestors were oppressive Lowlands landlords whose task was to clear off the lands, while John is whisked away to the actual Highlands. Katie’s task is to help her father in the clearances themselves to coordinate the movement of families away from their traditional lands to the Scottish coast. Naturally, John’s family doesn’t want to move and Katie is horrified by what she sees when she gets there. What happens to these two lovers turned opposing parties? Will they come together and break through the oppressive nature of Katie’s historic parents? What happens when they are reunited and how will they ever make it back to present day? Find out in this heartwarming Sequel of this Scottish Historical Time Travel Romance series.