• Cursed & Coveted by Catharina Shields

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    A woman who really is a goddess inside…

    Professor Jaydee Jamison is an intelligent and eccentric woman with huge owl’s glasses and a retro-hippie look—not the most glamorous type. However, she is unique because she’s the recipient of not one but two deadly curses: the Yinepu Iwiw curse that had killed her parents and what will eventually take her life, and the curse of housing an adored and revered ancient Egyptian goddess, Bastet, who, if awakened, will take her body and end her existence as Jaydee Jamison.

    The supernatural complications in her life are compounded as Bastet’s growing influence begins to affect people around her and they begin to idolize her. But when out-of-her-league Jean-Marcel falls in love with her—and she with him—her heart aches to know . . . does Jean-Marcel really love her? Or does he desire the goddess inside?