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  • Barring Borders by Lauren Rice

    0 out of 5

    The beautiful story of two people.

    Aiden Morrow is a reclusive, burly mans-man.

    Holly Davis is a country girl through and through.

    Aiden has a secret. He’s a werebear. He keeps his distance, because he suspects the small town will have a hard time understanding.

  • Jingle Bell Howl by Misha Carver

    0 out of 5

    When I headed up into the mountains to spend Christmas skiing with my friends, I never thought it would turn out like this…

    When reckless Laney Reynolds defies her parents and steals her mother’s car to go on a ski trip for Christmas vacation, things spiral out of control quickly. Can Nate, the handsome and charming billionaire wolf shifter save her from herself and the forces that threaten to harm her?

  • Consumed: Werebear Doctor Claims Her by Viv Phoenix

    0 out of 5

    A beautiful shifter in distress. A brutal warlord set on recapturing her. A werebear living in secrecy who stands to lose everything if he intervenes.

    Lida stepped into my exam room and called out the bear in me. I risked my medical practice in one shocking act.

    My passion for my younger patient confronts me with my true nature and dark desires. Without my help, she might be recaptured for fertility experiments.

    A standalone paranormal romance novella with a high heat level, Consumed will appeal to readers of Lora Leigh’s Breeds series novels, J.A. Huss and Lucy Taylor. Grittier and darker than 50 Shades of Gray — this is passion without a contract or a safety net.

  • Junkyard Bear (A BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) (Bluff Bears Book 4) by Amelia Jade

    0 out of 5

    Bear-shifter Andy Hawes is great at fixing anything with an engine. As the resident mechanic in Bear Bluffs, he runs a tidy business that he takes pride in. The one thing he can’t seem to fix, however, is his love life. After being burned in his past by supposed ‘loved ones’, Andy is convinced he was meant to be alone. That is, until a battered old truck pulls up in front of his shop…

    Robyn Mills has fallen a long, long way. Once considered one of the best demolition derby drivers in the country, she now competes for scraps with a travelling fair. Her drive and her focus, once the things that propelled her to the top, are now working against her as they distract her from what really matters.

    After so long out of the dating game, neither are sure how to proceed amidst the rising tension between them. Can Andy learn how to open his life up to another, before someone else swoops in to steal away his mate? Will Robyn be able to see the bigger picture in time, and concentrate on the man who wants to spend his life by her side?

    After all, the fair is only in town for a few days…

    This is a STANDALONE novella with NO CLIFFHANGER and a Happy Ending.

  • Furever Us by Iris Balfour

    0 out of 5

    Bear shifter Terrence Dougal failed to stop the abduction of curvy Yvette Conway. Now he has to get her back.

    The hardest part of rescuing Yvette will be resisting her seductive curves and lush lips. Because no matter how much his bear wants her, Terrence can’t let himself forget she’s human. And humans can never be trusted.

    But Yvette didn’t get the memo. All she knows is she felt an instant connection to her sexy brooding hero. Her heart says they belong together, and she hasn’t learned yet that sometimes hearts lie.

    A steamy BBW BWWM romance for readers 18+, Furever Us is the third novella in the Furever Shifters series. Book 1 is free.

  • Once Upon a Shifter by Kim Fox

    0 out of 5

    Once Upon a Shifter contains ten sexy, steamy and fun romance shifter novellas (and one full length novel) by some of your favorite, and some new, PNR authors.

    The perfect way to spend a quiet day now that the little kiddies have gone back to school!

    Get your pulse racing and your Kindle smoking with these tough and romantic shifters.


    1. Bought by the Billionbear by Zoe Chant

    2. Bearly Breathing by Kim Fox

    3. Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Dina) by Ariana Hawkes

    4. Wounds to Bear by Terra Wolf and Lily Marie

    5. Midnight Moonrising by K.S. Haigwood and Anne Conley (full length novel!)

    6. Bear Bride by Shelley Shifter

    7. The Right Bear’s Arms by Nora Eli

    8. An Heir for the Billionaire Werebears by Alyse Zaftig

    9. Claimed by the Werebear Billionaire by Mackenzie Black

    10. Shifters With Secrets (MMF) by Roxie Noir

    11. Plus a secret Bonus Bear Shifter Novella!

    18+ Contains lots and lots of dirty talk (oh yeah!)

  • Man Love & Menage Boxed Set by Anita Lawless

    0 out of 5


    From Amazon & All Romance bestsellers the Wild & Lawless Writers!

    The heat of passion. Bodies entwined. Love against all odds.

    This boxed set includes man love and ménage titles from some of our bestselling series! First encounters and second chances. Alpha werewolf brothers collide over family corruption and the love of one man. Women get swept up in the worlds of decadent billionaires, and bad boys meet their match in powerful doms.

    This boxed set includes:

    The Story of Jack & James (MM/MMMM)

    Surrender Ever After (MMF)

    Bad Boy Alphas (MMM)

    Surrender To His Proposition (MMF)

    Waking Up Werewolf (MMM)

    Surrender To His Pleasure (MFM)

    Bad Boy Biker (MM/MMM)

    Surrender To His Demands (MM)

    All stories have a scorching to extreme heat level.

  • Call of the Bear by T. S. Joyce

    0 out of 5

    When tragedy brings former childhood sweethearts Samantha Young and Bronson Cress together in the town they grew up in, Samantha learns that things are not always what they seem.

    Six years ago, Samantha was devastated when Bron made a decision that shattered their relationship. Determined not to fall for him again, she must avoid the man who broke her heart. The small town of Joseph has changed since she lived there last, and as she stumbles onto a community of people she doesn’t understand, she must figure out if Bron is worth her life being thrust in front of a clan of legendary shifters.

    Bronson Cress is set to become alpha of the clan of bear shifters in Hells Canyon, but when his ex blows into town, he isn’t prepared for the havoc she wreaks on his heart. Except he isn’t the only one who’s noticed her return, and the danger that chased her out of town years ago is an even bigger threat to the woman he has sworn to protect now.

    Can he control the bear that lives within him? More importantly, can he fulfill his oath and keep her safe?

  • Devoted to the Bear by T. S. Joyce

    0 out of 5

    In the riveting second book in the Bear Valley Shifters series, Hannah Michaels must find her way among the bear shifters she’s promised to help Benson Riker lead. And he’s going to show her just how hot being mated to the alpha can be.

    When a chance encounter from her past shows her she is still being hunted by the man she put behind bars, she must decide whether to put her new clan in jeopardy by seeking sanctuary, or to strike out on her own and save herself.

    Weathering treacherous enemies, blurred loyalty lines and heart pounding first love, Hannah will strive to prove her devotion to Riker and his bear shifters. If she can walk the fine line between surviving her new clan’s primal sides and the vengeful humans of her past, she just might find her place in Bear Valley.

    A Hot Shifter Romance.

  • The Witness and the Bear by T. S. Joyce

    0 out of 5

    Hannah Michaels is on the run, and the protection detail assigned to her case have her wondering who, or what, she’s trusting her life with. After testifying against a criminal with a long reach, her days are numbered if her handler, Jeremy, can’t find a safe place for her. Out of options and with nowhere to go, she’s dropped off in the Big Horn Mountains of Montana with a duffle bag of her belongings and little explanation.

    Jeremy swears she’ll be safe in this wilderness sanctuary, but when she meets Benson Riker, leader of the bear shifter clan of Big Horn Valley, she doesn’t feel safe at all. In fact, the man is just about as feral as they come.

    In a bout of epically bad timing, she accidentally vies to be mated to the alpha, and no matter how much she tries to escape the competition for Riker’s affection, he is having none of it. He cites upholding clan law as his reasons for wanting her to stay, but the hungry look in his eyes says it’s more personal than that.

    Weathering deep secrets and danger from all sides, she’ll have to decide if Riker is the shifter who deserves her heart.

    A Hot Bear Shifter Romance.

  • Bear King’s Curves: A BBW Werebear Shifter Romance by A.T. Mitchell

    0 out of 5


    Lyla Redd has just stolen her last precious artifact from the Klamath Bear Clan. The curvy smuggler got away with it before, but she doesn’t know serious danger can arrive anytime in big, dark, and very muscular packages.

    When werebear Alpha Nick Tunder lays eyes on the voluptuous beauty he’s been sent to kill, he realizes the mission is a bust. Taking back his people’s treasure is the easy part. Keeping Lyla away proves much harder, especially when she pursues and ends up in his bed for a thorough spanking.

    Then the other Klamath bears find a human woman on their turf. Fur and claws fly as Lyla is sentenced to a darker fate.

    Soaring passions hide much to explore, just like the mysterious artifact that brought them together. Deep love, lust, and an answer to their woes in an ancient royal bloodline are almost in reach, if only they can put the pieces together and their hearts on the line.

    Destiny makes very strange bedfellows and beautiful fated mates…

    This 38,000+ BBW shifter romance contains steam and language that’ll make a grizzly roar. Batten down the hatches!