Warrior women

  • Border Aflame by Maria Mendelsohn

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    Passions sizzle as destruction looms. Border Aflame is a triple dose of steamy romance set against the background of an invasion by the powers of darkness. It is a tale of high fantasy, of swords and sex, passion and plunder in a world where reality and myth collide.

    A small party of mismatched mercenaries race ahead of destruction like the spume thrown up before a storm as an army of brutal trolls invades their world. Step into a sultry fantasy world of fantastical creatures, magic, strapping knights in armor, and the women who use sex to dominate them.

    Helmuth, their leader, is a master horseman who has defeated men and monsters in battle, but knows that his greatest conquest is his wife’s heart. Gem, his lover, is trained in all the erotic arts that drive men mad with passion. Jen, Gem’s sister, is a warrior woman whose young body is toned, ripe, and breathlessly anticipating the moment when she will burst out onto the world of both love and war. Mokeeva, the defiant goblin-princess, is earthy, and insatiable. Rell, is a representative of the dwarf lord, but would rather drink and chase girls than follow orders.

    The travelers live, love, and prepare to face death as the scattered forces of humanity try to gather an army to defend their land from destruction.