Walter Bradley

  • Erotic Massage for Couples who have been together for a long time: How to return your former passion with the help of an erotic couple massage by Walter Bradley

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    Have you noticed that passion in your relationships has subsided over the years, and you wanted to change something? Do you think you know your own and your partner’s body well enough? How many erogenous zones do you know?
    You must read this book about massage for couples, to find out the answers to these questions and to awaken the former desire.

    Touch is the most intimate sense. Couple massage makes you understand each other without words on the most intimate level. Touch can carry passion and love, confidence, and empathy. It promotes relaxation and healing, is central to our erotic experiences. Touching the body of another person, feeling the skin of your loved one with your skin gives you much more pleasure than any other feeling known to man. However, oddly enough, even lovers rarely use this gift of nature to the full.

    This couples massage book is a kind of textbook in how to bring your body and your partner’s body into a comfortable state through massage, so that it flies away, relaxes, recuperates, and experiences an unearthly pleasure. You will not need any massage accessories for couples, no couple’s massage ball, couple’s massage toys. Only music, couples massage oil or lotion, and incense will give your communication a special feeling.

    We’ll tell you how to give your partner the greatest possible pleasure! This book is the result of more than a decade of practical experience in performing massage and years of teaching experience. Everything you read in this book is based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology, psychology, sexology, and various types of massage. In the book, there will be no useless information, only the most important practical knowledge about couples sensual massage.

    So if you want to know all of the secrets about excellent couple massage, and bring back your passion and desire. You should buy this book! Your partner will thank you!