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  • Spanked By Her Victorian Husband (Bare Bottom Spankings Book 3) by Steele Star

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    Naïve young wife Lady Chastity is horrified when the local shopkeeper confronts her proud aristocratic husband Lord Masterson about her unpaid bills for the latest French fashions. But her intense embarrassment turns into utter humiliation as the stern lord punishes her with a harsh bare-bottom spanking – administered together with the male servants. This 5,200 word story includes spanking, humiliation and voyeurism.

  • Watching The Neighbors: Book One by Phillipa Saint

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    Life as a shut-in isn’t perfect, but Mark Pritchard has grown accustomed to it. Yet he’s still a man, with feelings and needs.

    When a random look outside his window gives him an intimate view of the woman he desires, Mark’s lust comes to the fore in a way he never expected.

    But while he struggles between fighting his instincts and surrendering to them, his eyes fall upon the couple living across the street. And Mark’s life will change forever…

  • Spanked By Her Victorian Lord (Bare Bottom Spankings Book 2). by Steele Star

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    Naughty Victorian maidservant Lucy can’t resist peeking at the discipline erotica in Lord Hardacre’s library. Being caught red-handed requires a humiliating and painful bare bottom spanking to turn her pretty rear bright red, too. A spanking carried out by the most handsome Lord in the county, as Lord Hardacre watches. This story includes spanking, masturbation, humiliation and voyeurism.

  • Watcher by Lydia Fyre

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    When eighteen-year-old Lila ages out of the foster care system, she’s desperately lonely but unable to form attachments to anyone. Out of the blue, she finds herself in the apartments of her neighbors—unbeknownst to them—during their most intimate moments. What Lila sees in those private moments teaches her about life, pleasure, love, and commitment. Steamy, no-holds barred voyeurism at its best!

  • Surrender To The Guards (First-Time Surrender Book 2) by Steele Star

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    Headstrong but naïve Lady Catherine spies on Queen Elizabeth I to discover her sexy secrets. Shamed and spanked for it, Catherine proposes to make amends by doing the only thing which the unwed Queen never can. Show Her Majesty what it’s like to be taken hard and for the first time, by the rough relentless soldiers of the palace guard. As the Queen watches intently for her own vicarious sexual pleasure. This 9,000 word stand-alone story includes highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex, spanking, submission and voyeurism.

  • Surrender to the Barbarians by Steele Star

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    Naïve and inexperienced Princess Aurelia offers herself to barbarian chieftain Zarek to end the siege of her city. But she discovers that being his concubine means surrendering to the sexual demands of the older and lusty chieftain – and all his brothers, too. Four powerful men taking her together, hard and for the first time. Absolutely naked and in full view of the royal family, the whole city and the entire barbarian army. This 12,000 word stand-alone story includes highly explicit oral and double penetrative sex and submission.

  • The Wildshire Series by H.H. Huggins

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    The Wildshire Series, a collection of erotic short stories revolving around the high-nostriled Gidley Family of historic England and their over-lively neighbors.

    Margaret Greenfield is gone and she took all the furniture with her! Josiah Greenfield is left with an empty cottage, his carpentry tools, two adorable sons, and an imagination that’s free to consider all of his new, sensual opportunities. Shall he go for Catherine, his lovely friend, the exciting Widow Ache, or the town beauty, Eleanor Brown? Or all? Or none?

  • Deviant: Calla & Jason by Rowena

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    Billionaire Errol Jameson is bored. Money has been able to buy him everything, and with most of his work outsourced and his life goals met, including easy access to beautiful, willing women, he needs new challenges.

    He decides to create his own reality show to appease his voyeuristic tendencies, his first unwitting test subjects and show stars: Calla & Jason.

    Jason has been in love with his friend’s girl for a while now. The three of them have known each other since adolescence, but Scott whisked Calla away before Jason could even begin to make sense of, and act on, the tender feelings he has for Calla. Seeing the two of them together has tortured him for over eight years, and he has been forced to accept that he’ll only be Calla’s friend.

    But life has thrown an unexpected curve-ball, and he finds himself trapped in an unfamiliar place with Calla, who has also been kidnapped. A disembodied voice tells them that the only way they’ll be freed is to give in to carnal intimacy–an idea that appalls and disgusts the faithful, prim Calla.

    Will they find another way out? If not, how long until they give in to the demands, and what will become of their relationship after?

  • Theater Voyeur: Lights by Annelise Fox

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    Lights is the first book in Annelise Fox's Theater Voyeur series of erotic thriller novellas set in Amsterdam.

    Lisle and Andreas are in trouble. They have both lost their jobs and are about to be evicted from their apartment. A night out in Amsterdam results in an enjoyable session of exhibitionism and they find their solution: a live sex show at the Theater Voyeur!

    The show is a great success and becomes a regular highlight in the city, although fame comes at a price, pushing both Lisle and Andreas further than they are willing to go and putting both their lives at risk.

  • The Entity by Soliel De Bella

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    Alexis buys her new Vermont condo, freshly out of college and about to embark on her new life in her cute new home with a career straight out of college. Life is fresh and exciting for Alexis but after some time she is becoming more of a recluse after work, the outgoing, fun loving Alex as her friend’s call her is becoming more and more aloof and withdrawn, bewildering all that know her. How can she possibly explain to them she has fallen for an entity in her home, how she cannot see this creature of sorts yet somehow it tantalizes every cell within her the tension of fear and sexual arousal it brings is too much too deny she is caught in its grip.

  • Erotic Exposure by Paige Tyler

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    Life Imitates Art

    Liz Bellamy agrees to pose for a provocative calendar to help raise money for the animal shelter where she volunteers. Although it’s for a good cause, she’s a little shy about posing half naked.

    When Liz arrives at the photography studio, she discovers hot photographer Kent Draper. She almost chickens out, but ends up having not only one heck of a sexy photo shoot, but discovering that being half naked in front of a hunky photographer and his camera is one hell of a turn-on. And when a girl gets that aroused, a little shyness isn’t going to keep her from getting what she wants.

  • Sex Therapy 1: The Oral Exam by Camille Towe

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    A couple enlists the help of a sex therapist to save their sexless marriage. The doctor employs some unusual strategies to help the couple reconnect with each other.

  • Swinging Submission: Deceit and Betrayal With a Mutliple Partner Twist by La Drama Princess

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    Markette Rochelle had known Wayne Jones since he was young, but it was the hugs that held on too long and staring that lingered longer than comfortable which made her question his feelings all those years. Married Markette’s suspicions of the lust that oozed from the young man she’d watched grow up were more than confirmed when they began to transform into her ultimate pleasure realized all over his mother Walinda’s house in a record four days of him being home from college. The innocence of Markette’s relationship with Wayne was long gone and had changed into a relationship hot with unbridled ravaging and submission of control, all starting that fateful afternoon when she came by to return money to his mom.

    In Wayne’s mind, the perfect arrangement has been created, and he didn’t even have to go out looking for it. As for Markette’s, husband Joshua Rochelle, he just wanted to please her.

    Standing on the outside of Markette and Joshua Rochelle’s swinging lifestyle, unsure of the rumors she’s heard and unwilling to listen to the new ones involving her son and old friend, Markette, Walinda has her own oddities to protect. When Walinda Jones steps in closer for a peek inside the controversial and intriguing underworld of the Rochelles’ sex life, Markette may or may not have a story to tell when all the deceit and betrayal finally comes to an end.