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  • Hailey’s Virginity: A Young Woman Has Her First-Time Sexual Encounter With Her Long-time Crush by Lisa M. Rose

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    Now Josh stood naked in front of me.

    “How do you like it?” he asked.

    I took his cock in my hands and stoked it gently. It was hard, but silky, and unbelievably big. The head of it was soft and smooth. I’ve never seen a penis in real life. The only sexual education I had was to browse the Internet from time to time………..

    I stated jerking him slowly, and Josh suddenly moaned. I pressed harder.

    “Oh yes,” he whispered.

    Then I started moving faster and faster, pausing and touching the head of his cock with the tips of my fingers. I wanted to try it with my tongue, but wasn’t sure how to do it or if it was appropriate. Josh closed his eyes and moaned once more.

    He wasn’t looking at me, so I decided I can try. I kneeled, without letting his cock go, and kissed its head gently. Josh opened his eyes.

    “Oh Hailey,” he groaned.

    I thought it means I can go on, so I touched his cock with my tongue, licked its head and then put the whole thing into my mouth. Josh clutched my hair to direct me. I was moving fast and slow; stopping and then continuing. I tried hard to hide my teeth not to harm Josh, and I did well.

    “Yes, damn yes!” he cried. “Oh Hailey,” he suddenly moved away. “You need to stop it, or I’ll come. Now it’s my turn.”

  • The Princess of Hearts by Jezebel Divelle

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    Kelly was once a sweet little princess. She’s still a virgin, but now she’s an 18-year-old spoiled brat. Her stepdad Mark loves her and even his cheating wife, but he’s getting tired of being the household ATM. When he invites a group of dangerous characters back home for a game of poker, he quickly finds himself in massive debt. 

    The thugs flash their guns and demand a turn with the hot schoolgirl Kelly if daddy doesn’t pay up. Luckily, Kelly is willing to wager her tight body to give Mark the chance to win back his money and her young heart. If he loses this risky game, his home will be robbed and Kelly will be taken by the gang. If he wins, his most taboo fantasies will come true, along with payback against his wife. 

  • Gator Girl: The Answers by Kari Nelson

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    When Kelsey Aimes gets thrown into the Royal world of HRH Prince Stephen Lyons her whole life gets turned upside down. Truth’s become a lies and the DRAMA is non-stop. In Book 4, everything escalates. Stephen is no longer playing around with wanting her, but putting everything he says into action, BIG TIME and no holds barred.

    Innocent, but by no means sweet, Kelsey starts out wanting to do the right thing, but she has a curious nature about her that wants to know everything, and that gets her into trouble. And she ends up getting suckered in, once again, by Stephen. Before she knows it, everything that she said she would never do, she is doing! It gets hot as hell and Stephen is just warming up.

    Kelsey puts her demands on Stephen – pointedly, that he must stop sleeping with his friend Nicollet. He complies, but now she is being tasked to fill the void in his bed, but she still hasn’t told him all the secrets that she is hiding from him and they are getting in the way.

    Stephen is getting closer to the truth about Kelsey, and she is trying her hardest to make it a non-issue, but she is running out of time because Stephen is always twenty steps ahead of her.

    Kelsey did not expect to lose herself to HRH Prince Stephen, but there isn’t anything that she can do about it when her body is in control of her mind. Her heart is still torn between two men, while she is trying to play in this Royal world of opulence and power, but she’s winding up getting played from beginning to end.

    Love him or hate him, or just hate that you love him; he will definitely steal your heart and take you away to fulfill your greatest of fantasies and show you desires you never knew you had. He is after all a titled Prince, HRH Prince Stephen Lyons!

    You will wish he were yours for real. Get carried away in to this Royal world of Drama, nuttiness and naughty behavior on SO MANY LEVELS!

    There is a warning for explicit language and topics and a bit of BDSM

    Gator Girl: The Answers Book 4

  • Teachable by Anita Shaft

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    Young, inexperienced Sarah is about to go off to college, but before the untouched blonde goes, she needs a seasoned tutor to break her in hard and without protection.

    Her new neighbor is the perfect candidate to school her, especially since she’s had a crush on him for a while. Back in the day, he never gave her anything less than a B, but this time, she’s about to score a D.

    Free through January 10th!

  • The Lawyer, the Virgin, and the Strip Search by J.C. Cummings

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    WARNING: This 8,123-word story contains graphic language, vaginal and anal fingering, oral sex, anal sex, and mind-blowing first-time sex involving a macho (and very unethical!) lawyer along with an absolutely gorgeous and innocent 19-year-old virgin who comes to his office seeking legal counsel. It involves exploitation and domination over a most submissive sweet young thing in a very tasty and titillating way! Intended for mature readers 18+ only!

    In this erotic short story, sweet and curvy Kelli Green finds herself at the office of attorney Sam Archer. She’s seeking help in bringing to justice a sleazy border guard who had performed an unethical cavity search on her following a visit to her grandparents’ in Canada.

    Little does she know that Sam Archer is, in fact, a bigger pervert than the border guard! Archer uses both his dirty mind and some smooth lawyer talk to convince her to submit to a reenactment of the strip search — on video! — allegedly to show to a jury in court in order to win their sympathy!

    Actually, what Sam Archer really wants is to frisk, fondle, and fiddle with every nook, cranny, and body cavity his shy and shivering client has … which he carries out in graphic and well-lubricated detail. And with his smooth, winning arguments, he quickly convinces her to submit to even more — much more — case closed!

  • The Professor’s Pet by Anita Swirl

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    Young, untouched Stacy has made it all the way to college without knowing what it’s like to be stuffed. Her curiosity has been recently stirred into a taboo desire, but she ignores it until the new semester begins, and she is faced with a burning desire for her hunky English professor.

    She’s a straight-A student and intends to keep it that way, so she ignores her urges until they overwhelm her, leading to a drop in her academic performance.

    The last straw for the incredibly hot, older man heading her class is when she turns in an important paper late.

    The professor lets her know she’ll get a B, an unacceptable score for the ambitious hottie.

    They agree on an extra credit assignment to ensure that she gets an A, and it involves something hard and raw.

  • Gator Girl: Truth Lies & Confessions by Kari Nelson

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    Kelsey is left alone in Spain by Stephen, but she isn’t alone for long… As if there could possibly be peace. The world ascends upon her all at once.

    Stephen has told her to stay out of trouble, but he didn’t warn her that trouble would find her!

    She gains full access to her phone back and Michael calls to tell her about Stephen’s shocking and cryptic past. Is Michael only trying to keep Kelsey’s focus on loving him or is he looking out for her own good? Kelsey must uncover the truth, but in her search she discovers that there are more and more secrets and lies to confront and then Stephen does the ultimate and confesses! However, Kelsey does not believe that he is telling her the truth.

    Kelsey meets her match with HRH Princess Elise, Stephen’s mother and Stephen’s best friend and current lover Nicollet as they plot to keep her out of his life.

    Can Kelsey endure or has she had enough of HRH? Gator Girl – Truth, Lies and Confessions

  • The Virgin Swingers Club by Tia Rain

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    At first, I thought it was his way of asking me if it was okay for him to cheat on me and have me watch, but the more I thought about it and the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to try fucking another woman’s husband, all the while having Paul watching me. It was awesome being first-time virgins again.

  • Notebook of Secrets by Tia Rain

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    When her professor informs the young, shy and submissive student that he needs to speak with her alone in his office about her current class behavior, she soon discovers that the secrets in her notebook, about her sexually charged fantasies with her creative writing professor aren’t so much secret anymore, her fantasies become hardcore reality!

  • Lessons (In Love, Lust and Life) by Karl Jones

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    Some things can’t be learned in a classroom.

    Graduation night is a night never to be forgotten by Ellie West, but it’s nothing to what comes after.

    When her best friend takes her to a party with a difference, to show her the life she’s been hiding, Ellie feels passion for the first time. Passion which is magnified a thousand times when she quite literally bumps into the hunky alpha dom, James Harvey.

    James is immediately taken with the innocent Ellie, and offers her a chance to explore her newly discovered passion. If she will surrender to him for a fortnight, he will teach her about sex and the sexual lifestyle of pleasure and pain that he enjoys.

    Throwing caution to the wind, Ellie leaps at the opportunity, but quickly finds things getting out of control as James becomes more and more dominating.

    Can Ellie survive James’ lessons without losing herself? Will she be able to live a normal life again afterwards?

    Sometimes it’s the unexpected things in life that help you discover yourself.

  • Sex and Starlight City by Leslie Reed

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    After losing her parents before she graduated high school young Penelope was left with the option of surviving in New York without a family. Before the courts could send her away to an all-girls home she came up with a plan: find her Uncle in Las Vegas.

    Her destination is a city on the verge of sweeping cultural and political change. In 1950’s Las Vegas anything is possible. Will Penelope lose big on her gamble or come out on top? A Madame with a secret past takes her under her care and shows Penelope how to succeed at the world’s oldest profession.

    Long retired from the game, Penelope recounts her adventures as a young call girl. Her story is one filled with lust and love, betrayal and triumph, and self-discovery. Penelope learns about the ways of men and the world. Some of these lessons are hard learned, but most come with great pleasure.

    Sex and Starlight City is a new work of adult short fiction.