Violet Haze

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  • Loving My Angel: Part One by Violet Haze

    0 out of 5

    When she’s lost all hope…

    Danita Barlow isn’t happy when her decision to die leads her to the house of the one person whose always cared for her, especially when fifteen years have passed since she left home, and she has big secrets to share before it’s too late.

    When he finds her on his doorstep…

    Ryker Redding doesn’t know what to think when Danita — or Angel, as he calls her — shows up out of nowhere, but he isn’t complaining. Something is going on and he’s going to get to the bottom of it, even if she doesn’t want to give in.

    When a bargain is struck…

    Both can’t resist the other as their old flame sparks to life, but secrets kept have a way of coming out, and soon, their agreement turns into so much more.

    *Note: First in an erotic romance series of four, mature audiences only, 118 pages, get sample/read look inside and heed the warning!*

  • For The Night (Luna, #1) by Violet Haze

    0 out of 5

    A rule I don’t intend to break…

    They know me as Luna. We meet. We spend the night together. Then we never see each other again. That’s my rule and I’ve never been tempted to change my mind…until him.

    A man who wants me to fulfill his every desire…

    He meets me as Luna, unaware that he’s met me before as another. And when I realize he’s poised to take away the one thing that matters, I do what I have to do to keep what belongs to me.

    A decision that could break us both…

    In the secret war between me and a man who may be the one I’d spent my life searching for…will he be the one who gives into my desires…or I into his?

    Note: This erotic romance is a short novelette and first in a series. Not all situations are resolved! For ages 16-18+ depending on your location.