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  • The Nightlife Moscow (Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Suspense) (The Nightlife Series Book 5) by Travis Luedke

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    Vampires Aaron and Michelle have landed in Moscow, on the prowl. In the company of a misfit pack of mercenary werewolves and Urvashi, a fallen angel, the vampires are forced into the violent, decadent underworld of Russian mafia, drugs and blood slaves.

    This time the hunters have become the hunted.

    Dmitri, a Russian vampire billionaire, sends his mafia goons to the streets, gunning for the wolf pack. Now they must bring the fight to Dmitri and face the ultimate battle for survival.

    Experience the violent, sensual underbelly of Nightlife Moscow, as Aaron and Michelle mix up a wicked blend of sex, chaos, mayhem, and vengeance.

    Get your copy of the latest urban fantasy – paranormal suspense novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Travis Luedke.

    Praise for The Nightlife Series:

    “Fast paced, no holds-barred, gripping, gut-wrenching, soul-ripping and most definitely tear-inducing. Perfection!”

    “You know when you see a violent or bloody scene in a movie and you cover your eyes for a couple of seconds until it has past? I caught myself doing that with this book, then I realized that the lines were not going to go away until I read them.”

    “I love that we have strippers, prostitutes, sluts, and Mr. Luedke is unapologetic about it…Nightlife gives it to us in spades.”

    “Mr. Luedke once again showcasing his considerable talent for crafting hot, action-packed, supernatural thrillers that leave the reader saying “Wow!”

  • Lucifer’s Lunatic by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice

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    Only one man can keep him sane and his sole purpose is to drive him crazy.

    With a name like Manson, it was no great surprise when Manson Angola ended up in the pen. Some believed he’d been doomed for such a fate since birth. Others thought he was guilty as charged and still others believed he just downright deserved what he had coming to him.

    What he had coming was shackles and chains, solitary confinement, and numerous attempts to make his life a living hell. Until one day, in walked a man who could’ve been the devil’s child, but in fact, had a more befitting name—Lucifer.

    Dolled up in deception and as pretty as any man had a right to be, Lucifer—or Luke for short—stood about six-foot-two and weighed around two hundred and twenty-two pounds to be exact and he was as real to Manson as the guards who made a habit out of throwing him to the real wolves—the fellows who seemed to have a thing for a young fellow serving back-to-back life sentences for murders he didn’t commit.

    Most men should’ve been afraid of someone like Manson. Then again, most men in the maximum security prison knew why he’d been sentenced.

    He belonged to Lucifer. And the other prisoners were just doing their jobs by breaking him in.

  • His Girlfriend’s Brother by Marc Alice

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    Gabe never meant to fall for his girlfriend’s egotistical Alpha male brother, but when his second-self materializes, Gabe has no other choice but to embrace his chosen mate. Soon, Gabe’s future is sealed by fate and blood.

    Gideon Barshone is a bleeder mate for one of the most powerful supernatural creatures in the world. Destined to bleed and mate with more than one vampire, Gabe understands his purpose once he and Gideon form their bond, but Gideon’s little sister isn’t happy with the new arrangement. She reminds Gideon of one harrowing fact and Gabe’s obligation to the vampire race is destined to break her big brother’s heart.

  • The Divided Worlds 1 – 6: Omnibus Edition by Lawrence Ambrose

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    This omnibus edition includes Books 1 – 6 of the Divided Worlds series: a 311,000 word saga that takes you to places

    you’ve never been and would likely never want to go, featuring the beautiful, brilliant, and muleheaded mother and

    daughter duo of Moira and Lorilee Noonan. The story begins with Moira, a physics major at the University of Illinois,

    Urbana, whose long-absent mother returns briefly to give her a book she claims will “explain everything” about her absence

    and other oddities Moira has noticed about herself. Out of scientific curiosity, Moira performs a ritual described in the

    book, and her life instantly takes a turn for the exceedingly strange.

  • Blood Red: The Complete First Season by Vivian Wolkoff

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    This Complete First Season includes ALL EIGHT EPISODES in the Blood Red –Season 01! Save over 60% over buying the single episodes!

    Evie Williams lives a boring life – and she likes it that way. Her world is very black and white. Routine is good. Excitement is bad. She’s happy to play by her self-imposed rules. After all, they help her keep her abusive, stalker ex-boyfriend at bay. Or so she believes…

    But there’s more to the world than Evie could possibly imagine. Elves, vampires, witches and pro-Humanity terrorists are very real – and she can sense the danger they pose to her and others. Worst of all, they just realized how precious Evie’s gift is.

    As the world Evie never imagined possible closes in on her, Chris, the vampire in charge of studying Evie, is getting more and more interested in her… and it has nothing to do with his loyalty to his vampire father.

    Blood Red: The Complete First Season is a story of unlikely heroes, damsels who refuse to be in distress and political conflicts solved by fights to the death.


    0 out of 5

    Moira Noonan is a physics major in her first year at the University of Illinois, Urbana, when the mother who deserted her fifteen years ago shows up one day on campus to give her a book: THE DIVIDED WORLDS: AN EXAMINATION OF THEIR CULTURES AND BIOLOGY.

    “Read it,” her mom tells her, “and you’ll have your answers.” Then she departs, leaving Moira awash in anger and confusion.

    Then Moira makes a fateful decision to perform a ritual detailed at the end of the book, altering her life forever.

  • Dead Reaper Walking by Mina Carter

    0 out of 5

    Underage witches, a breakout from demon prison and a new hellgate… What could go wrong?

    Reaper extraordinaire, Laney Larson, is stuck in Liberty, Oakwood of all places, for two reasons. One, there’s way more paranormal activity going on than normal for a little town like Liberty. And two, a sexy as hell cop called Troy.

    So when the proverbial hits the fan and they get wind of a demon break-out from the third hell, a prison even the demon king himself won’t set foot in, what’s a reaper to do but strap on her blades and help track the escapee down? But then the creature takes her man, and all bets are off.

    A reaper, a demon and a cop…will Death claim them all, or just one?

    This book is part of the “Liberty, Oakwood” Series:

    #1. The Reaper and the Cop

    #2. Dead Reaper Walking

  • The Rescue by Derek T. Cole

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    The Harden City Chronicles is a series of novels, novellas, and short stories detailing the lives and adventures of the citizens of Harden City. They are all gay, romantic, and erotic in nature.

    The first part of the series is a novella called “The Rescue”. It tells the story of Garth, a recently divorced man with a tough job: hunting the extremely nasty elements of Harden City. Trying to rescue an informant from a brutal death, he winds up with the rescued man in his home, and a relationship between the two develops.

    It’s going to be tough going. Garth is a middle class worker in Harden City, but Dean, the one he rescues, is a resident of The Penn, the poor part of town. Harden City’s economic and social structure isn’t kind to the poor, relegating them to the slums of the city and making it almost impossible for them to get out. Dean is a fish out of water, seeing parts of the city that he’d never be able to see on his own. He’s due to go back to The Penn unless Garth finds a way to keep him out.

    Garth begins to fall for Dean, but he knows it’s a doomed relationship. If it became known that he was gay, Garth would lose his job and all of his assets – making him as poor as Dean. He wants Dean badly, but Garth knows it will put his job and life at risk, including his ability to see his young daughter.

    “The Rescue” is a gay romance with erotica. Fictional Harden City has urban fantasy and paranormal elements, but the relationship between Garth and Dean feels like the real world.

    The question is: will they be able to work through the challenges brought on by their budding relationship?

  • Shifting Fates: Betrayal (Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance Book Three) by Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko

    0 out of 5

    From New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko comes a darkly erotic shifter romance series that will thrill you like never before.

    A soldier sent to destroy all shifters… including the woman he loves…

    Cage is on a suicide mission he no longer believes in. The connection he feels with Bindi draws him farther away from the military. Treason is unthinkable, but so are the crimes of the Lazaretto containment military…

    Bindi’s passion toward Cage is tested when his men invade the tunnels she lives in. And when someone she trusts with all her heart betrays her, hell breaks loose. Now she risks losing the children whose very lives depend on her. What will she do – what can she do – to keep her family together?

    *** a Shifter Romance Series that will pull at your heartstrings ***

  • Dark Prophet (The Chronicles of Koa) by K.N. Lee

    0 out of 5

    What would you do if a demon threatened your mother’s life? If you’re like Koa, you’d sharpen your enchanted sword and go after him.

    Koa is a half-blood vampire that will do anything to protect her mother, and break her curse. The demon, Bund, wants more than her mother’s life. He wants something from Koa, a power that she doesn’t even know she has, and will rip through as many humans as he can to get her to surrender. Agent Koa Reyo-won, and her boss, Halston, formed a crew of supernatural agents to stop Bund. But is a prophet, a temptress, a War-Breeder, a half-blood, and an angel enough to stop what Bund has planned?

    In the midst of a war, Koa discovers the truth of her past, and finds herself torn, and in the center of everything. Will the Netherworld Division stand behind Koa once they learn her secret? Which life will Koa choose to follow for her future….her past or her present?

  • Affliction (PSI) by Andrew Irvine

    0 out of 5

    It’s the usual story. Girl meets girl. Girl arrests girl. Girl gets caught up in massive underground movement to liberate society from government oppression. Oh and there is the small matter of an albino werewolf wreaking havoc on the city… In recent years the government has reluctantly acknowledged the existence and rights of werewolves in society. All the while brutally resisting a new ‘disease’ that is sweeping through the world, a sexually transmitted disease that gifts the afflicted with psychic powers.

    ‘Psi’ has become an underground phenomenon amongst the lonely, disenfranchised and those seeking a connection in their mundane lives. The government has responded with incarceration, ‘rehabilitation’ centres and in the most extreme cases execution of the afflicted. Detective Sydney Summers went undercover to bust a major ‘Psi’ ring. She fell in love. She arrested her girlfriend and had her sentenced to death for her crimes. Now she is one of the afflicted herself. Sydney is also one of the Officers charged with protecting the public from this affliction. As a series of hate crimes and increasingly violent murders take place in her city Sydney is partnered with the handsome and enigmatic Federal Agent Michael Marsters to stop the killer. A killer Michael seems intimately familiar with, what secret’s is he hiding? As Sydney’s psi abilities become critical to catching the killer she is faced with a terrible choice: stop the killer and expose herself or have the blood of the innocent on her hands.

  • Protected by Stone by Cynthia Brint

    0 out of 5

    From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cynthia Brint:

    Farra’s life is in shambles. She’s lost her parents, lost her job and she’s about to lose her apartment. So when Grault, the sharp featured dark-eyed stranger who shows up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, informs her she just inherited a house from a grandmother she never knew, she thinks her prayers are answered.

    Little does ordinary Farra know that her grandmother was a witch and her house was really a hotel for strange, ethereal creatures. Headstrong and practical, she dives in and runs the place her own way — much to the concern of Grault, who knows that secrets breed in the very shadows of the living, breathing house. With his own secrets to hide, can he protect this stubborn, beautiful, frustrating human that he’s falling in love with?

    Protected by Stone is 295 pages of whimsical, urban fantasy mixed up in the shadowy embrace of steamy romance.

    Contains content for ages 17+

  • The Stone Knight by D.J. Blount

    0 out of 5

    The Stone Knight is a short story surrounding the razing of Middleborough by Elves on a Warpath. Bromwell, a procrastinating half dwarf, will find purpose in the chaos. He and Ki’Mel, a bookish Elf with dreams of becoming a Mage will test their new found mettle against one another.

  • Lessons Learned by Jillian Neal

    0 out of 5

    One breathtakingly hot, passion-filled, night ignites a fire in his soul. Everything in his world should be nothing short of perfection…but he is Rainer Lawson.

    His wild evening with Emily is the Realm’s front-page story. Could he have lost the respect of the man that has been like a father to him? Could his family’s hard-earned fortune really dissolve before his very eyes?

    Evil rapidly cinches its chokehold, and everything his father fought and died for threatens to implode. Rainer attempts to protect those that he loves and satisfy the fiery passions between he and Emily, but everything in his world is spinning wildly out of control. His desire to prove himself could very well be his undoing.

    Sometimes the best of intentions are not enough, but perhaps it is the trials by fire that make the man. Steel sharpens steel, and passion burns white hot in “Lessons Learned.”

  • Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson

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    The V V Inn series, from the New York Times Bestselling Author, C.J. Ellisson:

    Meet Vivian. She’s a 580-year-old vampire who exudes sex, has a talent for drama, and is passionate about two things: her human husband, Rafe, and their resort for the undead. Her ability to project physical illusions has created the perfect vacation spot — a dark, isolated Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest fantasies come true.

    Vivian knows the best performance requires perfect timing, but the powerful vamp is put to the test when she discovers a corpse in a locked guestroom minutes before the next arrivals. Always cool-headed, Rafe hides the body, convinced he and Vivian can find the culprit without disturbing their guests.

    Juggling the increasingly outrageous demands of their customers while tracking a killer isn’t easy. Will their poking and prodding give them the answers they need, or will it uncover secrets Vivian would kill to protect?

    **If you’re new to the series, please consider trying the free read, Death’s Servant, before purchasing any of the books. Its a prequel adventure and is a great way to see if you like the writing style and story.

    Titles in the V V Inn series:

    Book One: Vampire Vacation

    Book Two: The Hunt

    Book Three: Big Game

    Prequel Novel: Death’s Servant (Jonathan’s story; prequel to V V Inn, a FREE read)

    Novella: Death Times Two (due out soon!)

  • Special Rewards Book 2 of The Coursodon Dimension Series by M.L. Ryan

    0 out of 5

    What would you do if you discovered there was a parallel dimension?

    Hailey Parrish used to be an average, everyday human. Boring, in fact. After being possessed by Sebastian Kess, a magically inclined enforcer from the parallel dimension Coursodon, her life took a decidedly less mundane turn. Besides coming to grips with the existence of supernatural beings, she risked her life helping Sebastian and her heart falling for his protégé, Alex Sunderland. Now, Hailey has to deal with the bit of arcane power that Sebastian left behind when he returned to his own body and try to stay out of the crossfire when an unknown assailant seeks revenge against Alex.

    Special Rewards, book two of the Coursodon Dimension Series combines paranormal romance, urban fantasy, science fiction and a bit of quirky humor.