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  • Forbidden Fantaseis by Sai Marie Johnson

    0 out of 5

    Araceli Nativa – sheltered and yet looking to expand beyond her small town Alabama raising, Araceli’s attending
    Vanderbilt University in Nashville but so far she hasn’t broadened her horizons in the least. A pretty and successful student, Araceli spends all her days studying, attending class and living a fairly boring existence. That is until her dorm mate peer pressures her to attend the biggest frat and Halloween party on campus and when Araceli finally breaks out of her closed up shell, the consequences might just be devastating.

    Abel Slaine – For centuries he has scoured the earth searching for her, the demonic queen who stole his beloved before they ever had the chance to thrive. She and all of her dark daughters have been his target for millennia and now there is a new one who will find her death at the end of his hands one way or another but putting plan to action may prove more difficult than Abel has bargained for when his prey becomes more than a deathly pursuit.

  • Cynthia and Eve: A Sexy Paranormal Adventure by Cailee Francis

    0 out of 5

    Cynthia and Eve is a tale of oceanic adventure and sensual F/F romance above the waves.

    In the underwater city of Grenmere, Eve – a mermaid – is a guard of the Demesne; an ancient building that houses the teal pearl, an artifact of power. When the teal pearl is stolen and its protectors slain, Eve must venture into the human world, along with her ally – Ken, to help retrieve it and punish the culprits. Eve has to take human form for the first time when she reaches land, and she's stuck in human form for a year and a day in a world she doesn't know.

    She soon meets Cynthia, a powerful yet beautiful witch, and discovers more about herself, her burgeoning sexuality and the world above than she imagined possible.

    This novella contains strong steamy content and is just under 20,000 words in length.

  • Submitting to the Incubus by Bliss Devlin

    0 out of 5

    A deal with the devil…

  • Heartbeat (Morta Fox #1) by D.N. Hoxa

    0 out of 5

    When Hammer saves Morta against her will, she’s furious. Until he proposes a deal.

  • Call of Affliction by Lara S. Chase

    0 out of 5

    I am no longer in control of my own body.

    Without warning and without my consent, my shape shifts and contorts into the half woman, half bird form of the Gamayun. That’s bad enough, but then I’m forced to deliver prophecies to Sirin, the immortal who guards the gates of hell. Messages she doesn’t care to hear, and she’s not afraid to use deadly force to silence me.

    I’m starting to see things no one else can see. The last Gamayun died in a psych ward, having lost everyone she ever loved. I refuse to meet that same fate, even if that means lying to my sister and best friend.

    The only person I can turn to is Sasha, the mysterious stranger who guarded the previous Gamayun. When I stare into those pale blue eyes, it’s hard to be objective. Can I really trust someone with that much barely suppressed anger and hurt? For every piece of advice he gives, there are ten more secrets he’s not telling me.

    But when he kisses me, do I really care?

    Call of Affliction is the first book in a six part series. 99 cents until Christmas!

  • Cornered by J.A. Belfield

    0 out of 5

    Daniel Larsen is playing a dangerous game, and he doesn’t even know it.

    A two-wheeled speedster. A little redhead in a bar. Evenings spent away from his pack. Innocent enough for most, but for Danny, the combination leads down a path of destruction and straight to a hell he doesn’t even see coming.

    Entangled in a nightmare that started with his own brother and the cat he brought into their home, Dan’s driving himself toward a solitary existence—except for the curvaceous Olivia Fanella. Seduced by his new companion, and happy to ignore the divide growing between himself and the pack, Danny is oblivious to the trap being laid out for him.

    Before long, Danny’s integrity gets questioned. His loyalty gets questioned. Hell, he even questions himself.

    On top of that, just when he believes life might be going a little better, he gets served the roughest shot he could never have imagined—not even in his worst nightmares—and Danny has no idea how to come back from a hit like that.

    **Cornered contains scenes that some readers might find upsetting**

  • The Darkest Frost, The Complete Serial, Volumes 1 & 2 by Tanya Holmes

    0 out of 5

    VOLUME 1

    When the ghost of her best friend begs for her help, psychic detective Denieve Knight goes undercover as a live-in domestic to catch a killer. She sets her sights on the most likely suspect: her friend’s mysterious employer, Doctor Braeden Frost.

    Dubbed “Dr. Death” by the press, the notorious hematologist is linked to nineteen other suspicious fatalities—all are former patients. The brooding recluse is a man of many secrets, the darkest of which may be lurking beneath the leather gloves he never removes.

    VOLUME 2

    The job seems simple enough at first: go undercover and catch her best friend’s killer. But psychic detective Denieve Knight gets more than she bargained for when she enters Dr. Braeden Frost’s estate as a “housekeeper.”

    She’s supposed to be sleuthing, not falling under the spell of the enigmatic doctor and his irrepressible, hellion of a brother, Xavier.

    Now after two months of working for the man known as “Dr. Death,” she’s entangled in a web of secrets and lies. Each discovery only leads to more questions. Though faced with declining health and a storm of confusing feelings and simmering passion for both brothers, Denieve is determined to uncover the truth—consequences be damned. Yet the truth may prove deadly once she discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  • Soldiers of the Craft by Pam Labbe (for K.E. Moody)

    0 out of 5

    On her 25th birthday, strange and unexplainable things are happening to simple coffee shop owner, Deandra Sullivan…or rather, she’s making the strange and unexplainable happen around her. Deandra is scared, confused, and feeling completely alone until she meets mysterious Donovan Walters, who carries a secret that is the same as hers…they are Witches.

    While Donovan takes Deandra under his wing (and into his bed) to teach her about who and what she is, they discover an unavoidable tether between them. Along the way, something is tugging at Deandra’s instincts that danger is coming, and she and Donovan are tasked to find, recruit, and protect other Witches like herself.

    Follow Deandra as she finds herself, and her powers, in this sexy Urban Fantasy novel by new author, K. E. Moody.

  • FAERIE FATE by Margaret Madigan

    0 out of 5

    Holly Spencer is a 22-year-old IT major who’s ready to graduate and find her place in the world. What she really wants is a good job and a condo with a view.

    But when she’s rescued twice in one day by a mysterious man who claims to be a fae warrior, she’s plunged into a world she grew up believing existed only in fairy tales, and is forced to run for her life from warring factions who all want her dead.

    Shadow’s on a routine mission when he runs headlong into Holly—the soul mate he’d given up on ever finding. Even when she refuses to believe they’re meant for each other, he fights to protect her from the very thing that brought them together, even when it means making a dangerous deal with Fate to save her life.

  • See No Evil: Alpha Guardians Book One by Vivian Wood

    0 out of 5

    Fierce Scottish werebear Rhys Macaulay isn’t looking for a mate. Hell, he’s just adjusting to being an Alpha Guardian… and to living in 2015 New Orleans. The moment he lays eyes on curvy blond Echo, his whole universe realigns, and Rhys finds himself with a new set of priorities.

    Claim. Mate. Protect.

    One little problem: Echo is fated for more than warming Rhys’s bed. She’s a powerful medium in her own right, able to communicate with ghosts from the past. But more power means more enemies, and soon Echo draws an adversary of her own. When Voodoo king Pere Mal discovers Echo’s special talents, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants…

    Even if he destroys Echo, Rhys, and the entire world in the process.

    This is the first full-length book in the Alpha Guardians series. See No Evil is an action-packed, pulse-pounding tale. Blending elements of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, this book is sure to satisfy BBW and shifter romance lovers. Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

  • Evil Abounds: An Alpha Guardians Prequel by Vivian Wood

    0 out of 5

    What would you sacrifice to save what you love most?

    Dark powers stir the shadows in New Orleans’ paranormal underworld. A sociopathic Voodoo king launches a quest for power that may bring the world to its knees. Rather than watch her proud city crumble, ancient priestess Mere Marie forms a plan.

    There’s just one catch: not just any group of men can defend New Orleans. She needs the fiercest, most valiant bear shifters she can find. Mere Marie will have to bend the laws of time, going back in history to find her warriors.

    A Highland Laird, desperate to save his struggling clan. A powerful young sorcerer whose magic brings tragedy into his life. A mysterious champion, betrayed and left to die in a dark cave. Mere Marie offers a single chance at redemption, but at what price?

    Witness the beginning of the Alpha Guardians, three mighty shifters sworn to protect and serve. Pulse-pounding action, steamy romance, and sultry bayou nights await…

    This book is the prequel to the Alpha Guardians series; it is not intended as a standalone work. These books feature big, brawny werebears and the mouthy, curvy ladies who capture their hearts. We suggest reading these books in order for the greatest enjoyment.

  • VEXED by Wren MIchaels

    0 out of 5

    Vodou stole her life. A gay ghost stole her boots. And the man who stole her heart stole her memories. Kena plans to get it all back.

    Ex-cop Kena’s life is filled with regret, beer, and Cheetos. That is, until her ghostly roomie sends her dumpster diving, leading her to a sexy stranger named Luc and a fate she’d rather not remember. As Kena’s memories resurface, so do her feelings for Luc, the man she’s secretly been in love with for the last thousand years. And he needs her for more than a stroll down memory lane.

    Vodou spirits, known as Loa, have been trapped in human form, and are trying to make their way back to the spirit world. But Luc’s brother is possessed by a vengeance demon conjured at the hands of NOLA’s crime syndicate kingpin. Saving him means damning herself to a spirit prison in a loveless, arranged union with the very man she’s supposed to rescue. But not helping Luc’s brother sentences him to death, leaving New Orleans in the hands of black magick, and losing Luc forever.