Tyzhanae Danielle Jeans

  • TYzhanae From La, by Tyzhanae Danielle Jeans

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    The world we live in can be cruel and sometimes down right mean. We are told to keep our head up and to just keep walking. But sometimes that is harder than the words make it seem. We struggle. We fall. We cry. And then we find hope. Hope is what this book gives to those who are struggling right now. It gives you advice on how to come to terms with loving yourself and finding the strength to push the world’s opinion away. Join the author through her struggles and find a stable ground to stand on with her. She provides true events to connect with you on the struggles, and she gives you tips and advice on how to push through those struggles. Grab a copy, find a quiet comfy chair, a cup of hot chocolate and lose yourself in the pages to find yourself in your heart.