Tug Johnson

  • Face First by Tug Johnson

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    Most people love coming home from work.

    These days Amber wasn’t so certain.

    She’d been married to Jim for fourteen years. They’d always been good together but lately their sex had degenerated down into something that ran more along the excitement level of an average-sized bowl full of whole wheat organic low-fat vanilla ice cream. In other words – boring. Fourteen years of marriage meant Amber and Jimmy had sex boiled down to a grim routine. It was fun, sure it was always fun – but Amber yearned for something a little bit more spontaneous.

    Some kind of a surprise.

    It turns out that Jimmy has been feeling that same way too.

    It turns out that Jimmy has prepared a little bit of something different for his wife Amber this evening.

    It starts out with a blindfold.

    Jimmy’s got a night planned for Amber that she isn’t EVER going to forget.

    He and his buddy Hank…