Triple Threat

  • Triple Threat (The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy, Book 3) by Carrigan Fox

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    To survive a savage world, she’ll need the love of a brutally honest man and the strength of her own powers.

    Theodora Archer was never told of the prophecy that predicted she would one day change the face of the nation. Nor was she warned that a group of powerful men would stop at nothing to destroy her. But Teddie is no longer a child and can no longer be sheltered from the savage world in which she lives, particularly after she flees the safety of her own city and finds herself immersed in a vicious world where the only code is to kill or be killed. Fortunately, she also has the assistance of her best friend, a man she has secretly loved for four years. A sometimes-tactless man known for being a womanizer, Dominic Battaglia will see his own world rocked dangerously when he realizes the depths of his feelings for the most powerful woman he’s ever known. Because in addition to the good fortune of inheriting her family’s gift of sight, Teddie also must figure out how to use her apparent power of mind control as she fights to secure love and fulfill her own destiny.