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  • For Love and Money by Mi-Mi Michaels

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    We were going to bed that first night when she cornered me.

    “I want to see”, she whispers when I crawl into bed wearing shorts and an over-sized t-shirt.
    “Baby, I don’t know”, I whisper back. I was hoping for a minute to get used to this before she saw me.
    “Please baby, I love you so much, and I miss you”, she whispers, touching my back.

    Climbing out of bed was one of the hardest things I ever did in my life. It couldn’t have been anyone, but her. This is sooo …humiliating. I pull my t-shirt over my head with my back to her. I undo the clips of the ace bandage wrapped around my chest. I let out a little sigh, as the cutting pressure is released and I am able to just … hooking my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts leaves a smear of wetness down my hips. Sweating.

    Tara’s sharp intake of breath freezes my hands and I stop with the waistband just under the curve of my cheeks. “Oh my god”, she breathes and crawls across the bed. When she reaches me, she yanks down my underwear and grabs my ass. “Baby you have a bubble butt,” she whispers and kissed my butt! I put my hands on hers and look back to her, just as her feet slide to the floor behind me.

    “Turn around for me baby,” her voice is so sexy when she is horny. Taking a last, deep breath, I turn for her. In her hands, I turn. For HER. My cock growing as I turn.