Tonya Brooks

  • Redeemed by Tonya Brooks

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    She was too innocent. He was too broken.

    Jed Baker had lived through hell on earth and had the nightmares to prove it. In the last six months, his SEAL team had been slaughtered, his best friend was learning how to walk again, his career was over, he’d lost his family, his home, and his goddamn mind.

    His erroneous belief that the shitstorm couldn’t get any worse went up in smoke when he met the most vexing female to ever draw breath. Ginny Lawson was the quintessential girl next door that warriors like him had been fighting to protect since the beginning of time.

    It didn’t help matters that her brighter than sunshine smiles warmed his cold, barren heart and gave his tormented soul peace. She was everything pure and good and he’d walk through the fires of hell to keep her safe. Even from himself.

    Could her unconditional love be his salvation?

    Or will she be his ultimate destruction?

    Redeemed, the first book in the Bad Baker Boys series is a complete story with no cliffhanger and available as a permafree at all retailers