TL Schaefer

  • The Paladin by TL Schaefer

    0 out of 5

    Returning home after the death of the grandfather he sent to prison, James meets Madison, his grandfather’s nurse, and sparks fly.  But now isn’t the time – not when a killer has come to town.

  • Behind Blue Eyes by TL Schaefer

    0 out of 5

    Her deadly secret could be the only thing that saves her.

    Crime-scene photographer Sara Covington hides behind her camera from the otherworldly ability that’s caused her nothing but grief her whole life. Yet denial doesn’t protect her when she runs across a serial killer with an aural signature she’s never encountered.

    Suddenly she’s without a job and with nowhere to turn…except to an enigmatic, sexy-as-hell detective with a disquieting talent for seeing right through her defenses.

    Brian Roney’s fascination with Sara compels him to bring her in on the case that ultimately gets her fired. Even though he senses her mutual attraction, something holds her back from stepping into his arms. He’s as determined to find out why she’s pushing him away as he is to keep her safe.

    When the killer strikes again, Sara realizes the only way to stop the madman is come clean about her painful past—and embrace the gift she has so long denied. Before the grisly trail of bodies leads right to her doorstep.

  • Shoot To Thrill by TL Schaefer

    0 out of 5

    Special Agent Arin Thomas and Dr. Jonah Summers find themselves dodging a merciless killer. It’s only a matter of time before one of them has to Shoot to Thrill in order to kill—or be killed.

  • Baptism By Fire by TL Schaefer

    0 out of 5

    When a Fae firefighter meets a professor named for a fairy queen, they create unlikely sparks as they investigate a suspicious blaze.

  • The Summerland by TL Schaefer

    0 out of 5

    Sheriff Bill Ashton’s life is good, quiet, until the bodies of five women are discovered in the remote foothills and all hell breaks loose. Then another woman disappears, leaving her estranged sister’s stolen car and half a million in cash behind as their only clues.

    Air Force Captain Arden Jones hasn’t spoken to her sister in years, but Samantha’s disappearance galvanizes her, sending her to small-town America in search of the black sheep of the family.

    Thrown together by circumstance, Bill and Arden explore Samantha’s disappearance and her probable connection to the murdered women. Neither expects, nor welcomes, the attraction that surges between them, or the fact that setting aside long-held beliefs may be the only way to stop a madman bent on creating the perfect woman, the one true goddess central to the Wiccan religion, Diana.