Tio Stib

  • Remedies for Reluctant Romantics: 100 Ways to Sweep Love Off Its Feet by Tio Stib

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    “Tio Stib is not only a resolute coach on conquering the seemingly impenetrable wall of being a successful courter of women, but he also is a writer of immense comedic gifts. There is much to learn in this `100 Ways to Sweep Love off its Feet’ guide to polish up what diminished skills men have in approaching women, but it is also one of the most entertainingly funny books to come out in a long time.” -Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer “This book will now become essential required reading for assignments given to my clients in couple therapy!” -Tim A. Frink Great dates! Loving relationships! Passion! Romance! Fun! We all want these things. We need them. Yet most of us, especially males, are clueless on how to make them happen. Remedies for Reluctant Romantics is an irreverent look at the reality of why relationships fail, wrapped around one hundred ideas to actually help couples succeed in building lives together. In a world filled with would-be romantics and romantically challenged guys trying to find love success after falling flat on their faces with brain-dead date ideas, this book provides both comic relief and well-timed guidance. Sure, watching video re-runs of the world wrestling championships with nacho flavored popcorn might light some women up, but most want a bit more. Then, there’s the chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Wake up guys! How many women want to get fat? With chapters ranging from “Spontaneous Fun” to “Love Adventures” and much more, Remedies for Reluctant Romantics goes far beyond tried and failed love ideas and pushes partners forward to new frontiers of romance. Stylishly illustrated, Remedies for Reluctant Romantics makes love simple. this book is sorely needed by the thousands of guys out there who sadly lack relationship building skills beyond basic dog training, not to mention their eternally optimistic partners who deserve the measure of hope that Remedies for Reluctant Romantics provides.