Tim Stanton

  • The Contract: The Insurance Man Book 1 by Tim Stanton

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    Meet Tim Stanton, England’s most unorthodox Psychosexual Therapist. He likes to work with couples when the bedroom fizzle has gone. He takes pride in restoring balance, passion, harmony and sensuality to relationships, but he does like to enjoy himself along the way.

    Until five years ago, he simply sold insurance. But when young couple Tony and Joanna ask him cautiously for advice on a very personal matter, he persuades them he can help with a practical, hands-on approach. And on the back of his success – described here in detail – he decides he can launch a business. This is the story of how Tim Stanton first launched a highly lucrative second career, and how he developed ‘THE CONTRACT’ which underpins his work to this every day.

    Extract: “When I gave her the first nod she discarded her shoes instantly. I sneaked a glance at Tony, who was open mouthed and static, but I wanted to focus on Joanna. If my plan was to succeed, I needed her to arouse herself; take herself to another level. In any case, by this time I was firmly of the opinion that she wanted to be centre of my attention.”