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  • REVENGE: THRILLER – A crazed cult leader destroys Bill’s life, now he must avenge his girlfriend’s death by Daniel Cane

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    Security expert Bill Manning had a life planned with his girlfriend Janis, until returning from work one night to find her brutally murdered. Although he can tell the killing was more than a break-in gone wrong, the police are slow to find answers–and some even seem eager to close the case prematurely. Unwilling to let Janis’ death go unpunished, he turns to his friend and coworker, former FBI agent Angela Williams. The few clues they find point to a psychotic cult whose reclusive leader has an agenda of death. Planted firmly in the community, the Harvester’s cult has enough influence to obstruct the investigation at every turn. But Bill’s relentlessness is impossible to stop, and his dogged pursuit shows a power of will that even the Harvester finds impressive–enough to want to steal that power for himself, by any means possible..