• The Ascended Angels Complete Collection (A Dark Paranormal Romance) by Kim Petersen

    0 out of 5

    Be Careful Who You Trust. Even the Devil Was Once an Angel…
    Dark. Thrilling. Romantic.
    A darkness broods within a family’s bloodlines evil enough to destroy anything in its path. No one is safe. Twisted secrets and shocking truths reveal a deadly entity powerful enough to possess souls. Once unleashed, nobody can escape its destructive wrath.
    Grab it now and jump straight into this action-driven dark paranormal romance, The Ascended Angels Complete Collection!

  • ONE RULE NO RULES by Lawrence Ambrose

    0 out of 5

    Thalma Engstrom appears to lead a normal life as the caretaker for a farm owned by her own dummy corporation while secretly tending an underground complex of rooms growing exotic, illegal plants. Living alone within a labyrinth of secret identities, shell companies, and a network of businesses legal and illicit – making monthly use of the Silk Road 2.0 – Thalma’s only companion is her trustworthy Rottweiler, Socrates. ut a chance meeting with a young man running from the law and an ill-fated attempt to collect on a debt rip apart her newfound normalcy and plunge her into a terrible struggle to save her new love and herself.