Theresa Papa

  • The Deleted Heir by Theresa Papa

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    He wishes the past didn’t define him. And when his heart demands forbidden fruit, will he let the bad fall away so love can thrive?

    A haunting childhood memory keeps Marco paralyzed in his relationships. He was grateful when the family of his best friend took him in.

    They grew up as pseudo brothers and sisters. Now years later, she returns, and his attraction to her has surfaced like a raging fire.

    But she is forbidden…

    He can’t face his best buddy with a hard-on for his little sister. How long can he keep the secret?

    Will she let him?

    Amelia had the perfect childhood, and whenever she wanted attention or needed advice, Marco was there for her. Recently back from college, she struggles with her life direction. Her brother tries to help her asking Marco to give her a job. She never imagined he would be so irresistibly hot.

    Can she talk him into a relationship despite their age difference?

    Marco grows determined to become the man Amelia needs. It’s her choice, whether to wait around for him to wake up or leave for design school and start her career. Will their secret affair end, or are they able to overcome the obstacles to give love a fighting chance?

    If you like to read about fate stepping in to direct soulmates back together, here’s your story. Dive into The Deleted Heir and find out today!