the secret

  • Fox Ridge, The Secret: The Secret, Book 1 by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert

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    As the saying goes, “We are only as sick as our secrets.” Professional horsewoman Katherine McMahon is running from her secrets and lands in North Carolina where she opens Fox Ridge Equestrian Center, specializing in high end Hunter/Jumpers. She has enjoyed great success in the six years she’s been at Fox Ridge, but things are about to change.

    If people only knew who she really was, Katherine believes her world would come crashing down around her ears. A wickedly talented 30 something single woman running a successful horse operation, Katherine is beloved in the local community. Her plan is to keep it that way by taking her secret to the grave UNTIL she meets Dr. Brandon Stafford, the new veterinarian in town. For the first time in six years, she finds herself wanting a man: This very special man. While she is brilliant when it comes to working with horses, she sucks when it comes to personal relationships. In order to have a healthy relationship, she knows there must be honesty and trust but if she shares her secret with this amazing man, it could cost her everything.

    When a terrible accident occurs, Katherine has to decide, will she risk everything for love or spend the rest of her life alone?
    Find out when you read Fox Ridge, The Secret, book 1 in the series of 5 books. If you love horses, contemporary romance and hot vets, you will love this series that gets hotter with each book!