texas romance

  • Gambling On A Secret by Sara Ellwood

    0 out of 5

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    When Charli bets everything on a secret, will she find the deck stacked against her?

    Former runaway-turned heiress Charli Monroe is hiding her sordid past and planning a future in Colton, Texas. Attending the local college for a degree in social work, she intends to raise cattle on her newly purchased ranch, which she plans to open as a home for troubled teens. Only a few glitches—the Victorian mansion is crumbling, the barn needs a roof, and her oilman neighbor wants more than friendship. When she meets Dylan Quinn, Charli is willing to take a chance on the town drunk to help her rebuild the rundown ranch.

    Dylan has his demons, too. The former Special Forces commander can’t get past his ex-wife’s betrayal and the botched mission that left him with much more than a bad limp. Certain the greedy oilman next door to Charli wants much more than just her heart, Dylan’s even willing to stop drinking in order to protect her.

    When things get dangerous and secrets of the past are revealed, is he only looking out for his new employer, or is she the new start he so desperately needs?

    COVER QUOTE: “Full of intrigue, tangled pasts, and raw emotions, this one is guaranteed to keep you turning pages from start to finish and then wishing for one more chapter!” Carolyn Brown, New York Times bestselling author.

  • The Creek Series by Abbie St. Claire

    0 out of 5

    Secrets and lies of the creek…

    When escaping isn't enough…

    A woman whose past holds her hostage…

    A man who can’t let the past go…

    A favor that brings them together again…

    Pro fisherman, Stephan Hart let the best thing in his life get away. When Wrenn Cunningham ended their relationship, she was broken. He was shattered.

    At age seventeen, Wrenn suffers a tragic event at the hands of her father in the barn on their property at the creek. When he dies, he takes their secret to his grave. To others, Wrenn’s small-town life in Arkansas might appear boring, but in reality, it’s far from easy. The daily physical and financial struggle to help her mother keep their ranch after her father’s untimely death begins to take a toll. Receiving a nursing school scholarship to a North Texas University means a chance to move away from her tiny existence and start over. It means a chance to leave her secret behind.

    If only life was that simple… Nightmares find you no matter where you are.

    As tragedy strikes, Wrenn is forced to accept things she cannot change and takes on a new position as an opportunity to move forward. Meeting Mr. Asher Lawrence, a wealthy businessman, at her new job in the cancer center, changes her life in many unexpected ways.

    Unwilling to open her heart, Wrenn struggles to trust in her relationship with Dane and the continued nightmares threaten her life and that of her unborn child.

    Getting caught up in corporate espionage, Wrenn becomes a hostage and the nightmare she lived at seventeen is brought to life once again and she realizes there’s no escaping the creek. Or is there?