Tess Quince

  • Trust Fall: Book One of The Trust Trilogy by Tess Quince

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    I didn’t know what I needed. Then he gave it to me.

    I was doing okay, not great, but okay. I was a single mom with a five year old son. I had a successful, professional career that allowed me to provide a good home for both of us. My son’s father, my man-child ex-husband Josh, had come back into our lives.

    Ben Sheppard was only in town for a month. Handsome, confident and perceptive, he saw the woman I didn’t know I was. He saw what I needed and wanted.

    Then he gave it to me.

    I thank him every day for that.

    This is my story, my autobiography. I tell it honest as I can. I’ve changed the names to protect myself and my family. Otherwise, the story is written as I lived it.