• Camping Swap, Book 1: A College Swinger Romance by Bart Tracer

    0 out of 5

    Now that finals are over, Mike is looking forward to his upcoming camping trip with his beautiful girlfriend, Molly. As an added bonus, his best friend Jake will be joining them, along with his bubbly blonde girlfriend, Jessica. Typical, red-blooded college guys, they fully intend to make up for lost time with the two sexy coeds. What the two young hunks don’t know is that Molly and Jessica have a plan all their own. What starts out as a playful game of strip poker quickly turns into something else entirely…

  • My Very Naughty Handyman by J.C. Cummings

    0 out of 5

    When Allie Bateman goes after a man, she goes after him! So, when she realizes that her condo is in need of major upkeep she hires handyman Rick Preston.

    And Rick is one hot guy.

    Allie wants him and she wants him bad. She begins a stealthful campaign of enticing him while he works. But Rick is also one very-focused-on-work guy. No matter what Allie offers… he ain’t biting.

    Not until she crosses the line with a desperate scheme to get him in the sack with her. Then she finds out the hard way that, no matter how naughty she may be, her randy handyman is naughtier!

    WARNING: This 8,000+ word story contains light BDSM and mind-blowing sex between a gorgeous young fix-it guy and a gorgeous, young, and very horny woman. It is intended for mature readers, 18 or over.