T. A. Franks

  • Enticed But Torn by T. A. Franks

    0 out of 5

    Stephanie was a quiet girl from a broken home and never knew what it was like to ever be loved, every turn she made in life brought her to a bitter end in her path to find it but then she meets Jax a handsome young business man who knows how to press her buttons. As he entices her into his world she thought she had finally found what she was looking for but the road has many twists and turns, is he really the man she thought he was ? or will the secrets he keeps push her away into the arms of another? Only Stephanie can decide on the path she takes and, will she know true love when she sees it or will she push the real thing away not really knowing it was there already?

  • The Station by T. A. Franks

    0 out of 5

    Jack Bines is your typical stockman, working hard and enjoying his life in the Australian country.

    Tall, dark, handsome and believing his life couldn’t get any better until his bosses daughter comes

    home to stay.

    Katherine Winters a blond, petite young woman who has just finished high school and is heading home

    before going to university.she thought relaxing would be the only thing on her mind but then she meets Jack.

    Will this be true love or just a moment of passion? Either way decisions