• Bright Star , The Apprentice Volume 2 by E.G. Manetti

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    Swords & Spaceships! Romance & Adventure.

    To avoid execution for her father’s crimes, Lilian embraced her once chance at survival and became the apprentice of the powerful warrior Lucius Mercio. In return for Lucius’ protection, Lilian yielded total control of her body, intellect, and will. The arrangement has saved Lilian’s life and set her on a path to redeem her honor. She is about to learn her trial has barely begun.

    In the second volume in the Twelve Systems Chronicles Lilian’s enemies are more determined than ever to see her destroyed. A ghost from her past will imperil her future and threaten to destroy Lucius’ slowly developing trust. To survive the next set of challenges Lilian will need to find new reserves of courage, wit and determination.

    When Lucius’ motivations and ambitions are revealed, they are far more extraordinary than Lilian imagined. His rivals are about to increase in number and ferocity as they seek to limit his expanding wealth and power. They will use any means to undermine and destroy his plans including his notorious apprentice. To advance his ambitions, Lucius must be more ruthless and devious than ever before. To succeed, Lucius requires Lilian’s brilliance. To make use of it, he must keep her alive. It is going to prove more difficult than he anticipated.

  • The Cartel, The Apprentice Volume 1 by E.G. Manetti

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    Swords & Spaceships! Romance & Adventure!

    Raised to wealth and power, Lilian is left disgraced and destitute when her father is executed for foul crimes. To survive Lilian becomes the apprentice of a powerful warrior. For three years, he will train her for a position in the Cartels. In return, Lilian will yield him absolute control of her mind and body.

    Lucius Mercio is the preeminent warrior of his Cartouche, and the Cartel it dominates; the Serengeti Group. Ruthless, clever and ambitious, Lucius intends to take his Cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian’s brilliance. He faces only one obstacle. Lucius must keep Lilian alive.

    *Contents explicit sexual content and mild violence*