Sword and Sorcery

  • Edelaine’s Folly: Book One of the Idoramin Chronicles by Morigan Shaw

    0 out of 5

    Seventeen-year-old, Cali Flynn’s life is over… At least that’s how she sees it.

    An ancient evil, hidden and lost to legend for generations, has crept from the shadows shattering the people of Edelaine’s tranquil way of life… and possibly their very existence.

    Catastrophe rips Cali and her friends from the peaceful farm life they’ve always known, changing their world forever.

    Shoved into a destiny she doesn’t want and a family legacy she never knew, Cali is forced to trust in an unknown power she doesn’t understand.

  • Dryad’s Touch by A. W. Graybill

    0 out of 5

    When darkness aligns and light struggles,
    When all good things start to wander,
    Then it will be as foretold
    That Gaia’s war will have begun.

    In the beginning Gaia brought order to chaos. After creating the Mortal Realm and birthing seven gods, she faded, leaving nothing behind but her blood. Her children lived in peace for a time. But once they shaped the elves and the first prophecy emerged, tensions rose.

    Thousands of years later war looms over the hearts of many. As the plans of an evil god fall softly into place, Nara of the Dryad’s dreams of adventure lead her into more daring situations than she had expected to face. Kingdoms hang in the balance of her decisions while gods tempt her with a destiny they only hope she will fulfill.

    With dryads whispering in her ears, Nara is unaware of the events unfolding across the world as many seek out their own roles in the unavoidable war. For even the touch of a dryad and the blessing of gods cannot fully wipe chaos from the realms.