• Weekend with Friends by S.D. Lange

    0 out of 5

    When best friends, Luke and Keith, plan a surprise weekend getaway for their wives, no one could imagine the events that were yet to come. Sexy innuendo and flirtations lead to much more. One couple is introduced to the world of swinging, after all, it’s between friends. When four becomes six, the possibilities are endless.

  • Secrets of My Temple by N.V. Love

    0 out of 5

    I have a lot of secrets. Secrets that have made me a prisoner of my temple -but no more. The secrets from my childhood turned me off to sex. The secrets I share with my boyfriend made me complacent in the bedroom. However the secret I share with a sexy stranger, leads me down a path to unleashing the sexual vixen I didn’t know was within.

    I could never have imagined that one night on the town with my boyfriend would lead me to the swinger lifestyle. That one meet and greet changed everything for me, and my entire outlook on sex. I shocked myself that night, but the biggest shock came when the sexy stranger turned out to be my new boss. Could I work for the man that gave me my first orgasm?

  • The Virgin Swingers Club by Tia Rain

    0 out of 5

    At first, I thought it was his way of asking me if it was okay for him to cheat on me and have me watch, but the more I thought about it and the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to try fucking another woman’s husband, all the while having Paul watching me. It was awesome being first-time virgins again.

  • A Taste (Castle O Series) by Faye Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Having a baby has left Becca facing an identity crisis. Once the hedonistic party girl, she doesn’t recognize this new perpetually tired, spit-up coated, yoga pant wearing woman that stares back at her from the mirror. When her husband, Josh, proposes a night out at their favorite club, Castle O, Becca jumps at the chance to reclaim herself and her old fun-loving ways. But she quickly learns returning to your old life isn’t always so easy.


    The Castle O series draws back the curtain revealing the truth about what happens in the secretive world of swingers. The stories are about friendship, relationships, trust, empowerment for women, and most of all, love. You won’t find any overbearing alpha males in these stories. What you will find is touching stories about what it really means to open your sex life and marriage to others, and enter The Lifestyle.

    Come on in – the hot tub is warm, wine is flowing, and friends with benefits are waiting. Only at Castle O.

  • Ascent – A Castle O Story by Faye Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Raylen and Jett Stark love a good party, but their social circle has become more about diapers and potty training, and less about exotic adventures and dancing the nights away. A chance encounter introduces them to a new type of party, one fueled by sexual desires. Joining the ultra-exclusive Lifestyle club, Castle O, Raylen and Jett experience the most erotic night of their lives. But fantasies become nightmares when boundaries are pushed too far and the secrets of the night are revealed in the day. Will a night at Castle O make their relationship stronger or destroy the one thing they value most – their love?

  • A Tease – A Castle O Quickie by Faye Hunter

    0 out of 5

    Alyssa was hired to create a work of art for Castle O, an exclusive Lifestyles club, but on the night of the big reveal life resembles art when the Castle O members show Alyssa their appreciation… the Castle O way.

    Alyssa is an artist with an appreciation for the naked human body. When her boyfriend, Walker, gets her the commission of a lifetime working for Castle O, it comes with a tantalizing glimpse into the secretive world of swingers. A world Walker belonged to before she entered his life.

    What she sees piques her curiosity and on the night of the big reveal she is offered the chance to experience Castle O, and the Lifestyle, for herself. Will she enter this sexually charged world with Walker at her side or will it prove too much and send her running from the only man she has ever loved.