Sweet Contemporary Romance

  • Gotta Have Faith: A Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Book 1 by Becky Doughty

    0 out of 5

    A secret baby. A second chance at love. Can a small town cowgirl and a big-time city boy find their happily ever after?

    Faith Goodacre has worked her jeans-clad fanny off to make sure her little world is operating exactly the way she wants it. Seven Virtues Ranch is prospering, Daddy is finally back on his feet after his terrible tractor accident, and her daughter, Jasmine, is growing up just fine without the father she’s never met. So when Faith’s high school sweetheart, Cordell Overman, shows up out of the blue to win back her heart – oh, and he’s bought the ranch next door – Faith’s well-ordered world suddenly spins out of her control.

    Cord is stunned when he comes face to face with the daughter he didn’t know he had. But there’s no denying those Overman eyes and the cleft in her chin that perfectly matches his own. Now he’s got two women to woo, a rundown ranch to bring back to life, and a whole town to convince that this time around, he’s here to stay. He’s not the starry-eyed kid who left Plumwood Hollow all those years ago, no sir. He’s ready to be the hero of his lady’s heart, the champion of his daughter’s world, and the rancher he’s always wanted to be.

    What was it his grandfather liked to say? Oh yeah. Man makes plans, and God laughs. But Cordell Overman is determined to have the last laugh himself, and he’s simply gotta have Faith to make his dreams come true.