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  • Partially Broken Never Destroyed by Nataisha T Hill

    0 out of 5

    A Good Man is Hard to Find and Even Romeo Himself Isn’t Easy to Keep

    Prepare Yourself…It Just Got Real…

    A twisted night leads Kayla into a hot and steamy love affair with the man of her dreams. Her intuition tells her something is wrong about this romantic encounter, but she is captivated by lust.

    Suddenly, his antics become questionable and her minor concerns turn into an obsession of searching for truths. The lies and deceit plague not only her life, but her friends and family as well.

    Based on some true events.

    <<< Realistic and entertaining, a joy to read!
    Kayla's journey gives a realistic insight on the life of the urban woman and her experiences.

    PAGE TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A page turner! I have suggested this book to my friends, definitely will read it again

    <<< A Must Read!
    Its a MUST READ!! I can't wait until the next book is done.

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  • A Killer’s Role: Erter & Dobbs Book 1 by Nick Keller

    0 out of 5

    Two unlikely partners join forces to hunt down a psycho who likes to view L.A. through a sniper scope. But first, they will have to confront their own personal demons and come to common ground, in a race against time that could bring the whole city to its knees … especially once they become the target.

  • Don’t Make Me Beautiful by Elle Casey

    0 out of 5

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    At 22, Nicole doesn’t even look human anymore. So she hides. A monster, consigned to a life of fear and solitude. And then one day out of the blue, the autographed baseball caught by Brian Jensen at the latest Marlins game enters her prison and manages to turn her world completely upside down.

  • Spend the Night I by Elizabeth Lee

    0 out of 5

    Welcome to The Wellesley-Crawford…

    Hannah Wellesley has spent her entire life running the halls of her family-owned hotel, the infamous and opulent Wellesley-Crawford. Noted as one of the city’s richest, most luxurious hotels in Chicago, the WC is what Hannah has devoted her life and career to.

    The hotel’s Annual Masquerade Gala is the event of the year, but this year Hannah’s evening involves more than just handing out masks. After a mysterious rendezvous in a secluded stairwell with an irresistible and unidentifiable man, Hannah becomes consumed with discovering the identity of her masked lover. Just as she’s about to give up the search, two men blow back into her life with drastically different intentions. They both have secrets and uncovering them will lead Hannah down a darkly dangerous path.

    Drawn to both of the intriguing bachelors, she’ll have to determine which one is after her heart and which one plans to do her deadly harm before it’s too late.

    Episode One of the Spend the Night Series

  • Saving Babylon by Kimolisa Mings

    0 out of 5

    Danielle “Dani” Reid is not like the others.

    They used to call her kind psychopaths, sociopaths, but now they call them Unbreakables. And for the first time in half a century, an Unbreakable is an Inamorata, a giver of pleasure, in New Gotham’s most prestigious house of pleasure, Babylon.

    What Dani doesn’t know is she is not the only Unbreakable in Babylon and this Unbreakable may destroy Babylon, robbing Dani of the only place she can call home.

    Can Dani stop the destruction of Babylon?

    Can Dani save Babylon?

  • Lethal Affair by Noelle Hart by Noelle Hart

    0 out of 5

    Lethal Affair is the first in a series of stand alone full length novels, followed by Lethal Link, then Lethal Reunion. Kylie Lambert seduced the sexually elusive man she was dating. Mistake! Now all she wants is for Drew Hammond to disappear from her life and take his volatile temperament and sense of entitlement with him. Enter Will Delaney, sexy and level headed restaurateur, and possibly the man of her dreams. Determined to have Kylie by any means, Drew’s mind festers, allowing suppressed, dark desires to surface. When he recognizes Will as a serious contender for Kylie’s heart, he decides to make her suffer by taking down everyone she cares for, one by one. If he can’t have her, no one can.

  • HOLIDAY by Nick van der Leek

    0 out of 5

    Hugh van Lewen, an ESL teacher working in South Korea, travels to the Philippines for some R&R. But immediately after landing at the Puerto Princesa airport on the island of North Palawan something seems to be wrong. All flights have been cancelled. Everyone is crowded around a flickering TV. A super typhoon has emerged out of nowhere and – to everyone’s horror – is barreling right towards the island. As the waters rise and the walls move in Hugh (and Stella, a teenage girl) batten down the hatches. But surviving a single storm on the island is not the end of the game. It’s the beginning.

    As the world seems to be unraveling around them, Hugh must make a choice. Should he take Stella under his wing, which could slow him down in getting to a place of safety or should he go it alone? And where is safe with all communications down, and everywhere seemingly in crisis? Is there any point to getting off the island, and going anywhere, because the problems on the world’s mainlands have just begun…

  • Licked by Hazel Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Sometimes the Teacher’s Pet wants more than just an A…

    Professor Kirk Jenkins was a normal guy. He had a few regrets and a few secrets, but for the most part, he was a decent man who believed he deserved to live a good life. And now that the woman of his dreams had agreed to marry him, it looked like everything was going to work out exactly as he’d hoped.

    But when sex obsessed undergrad Julianna Foster decides to seduce him to impress her friends, Kirk doesn’t stand a chance. And once Julianna gets a taste for his attention, nothing will stop her from setting them on a course that will change their lives forever.

    **Licked is a free erotic suspense novella and part one in the Devoured Series. It is intended for mature audiences.

    **Warning: Contains Sexual Content

  • Breaching The Guardian Dimension by Cory Richardson

    0 out of 5

    a.k.a. Sustained Augmented Brain Energy Retransmitting (SABER) Ladder.

    In the 2090’s, mind manipulating “4M” devices are used extensively for “rehabilitation” and have advanced to the point of a bold new usage – breaching the guardian dimension or, as some call it, supernatural exposures.

    Coming of age in the 2090’s, friends Marcus, Randi, Vamir and Meagan soon find themselves working at a prestigious government-funded supernatural research facility. Something goes wrong after Marcus’ very first “exposure.” His friends watch in disbelief as other employees mysteriously die right after their 4M experiences. It is not clear whether they’re victims of machine malfunctions, the guardians or something else.

    During the mayhem, Randi and Meagan find the “something more” in their relationship that Randi has been longing for all along. Like their favorite song, it’s para, para, paradise. But something connected to the research program dooms the girls’ alliance.

    The four friends’ relationships are tested as they attempt to work together to figure out why people in the program have been dying for eight years and what can be done to right some of the damages. The answers lie in where the 4M machines can go.

  • NEW YEAR ISLAND by Paul Draker

    0 out of 5

    “A twisty, engaging thriller featuring well-developed characters.” —Kirkus Reviews

    “…one of the most thrilling and nuanced books that I’ve read in the past several years. Meticulous yet effortless…” —Madeline, Top 500 Reviewer

    “Brilliant psychological thriller… dark, intelligent, with an intriguing, captivating plot.” —Edward Shook, Reviewer

    “As a whodunit, New Year Island ranks up there with Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians.” —Robin Landry, Top 500 Reviewer

    “…exceedingly well written…wonderfully horrific… doesn’t read like a first novel, but rather like one written by a pro who has been at this for a long time.” —James Tepper, Top 1000 Reviewer

    “…nearly impossible to set down …awfully, awfully good and shamefully good fun.” —T J McCarthy, Top 1000 Reviewer

    “This is one you don’t want to miss.” —OutlawPoet, Top 1000 Reviewer


    Ten strangers, recruited by an edgy new reality show and marooned on an abandoned island overrun by wildlife.

    One dies in a horrible accident.

    Nine realize they all are past survivors, alive only because they’ve beaten incredible odds once before.

    One by one, their hidden secrets are revealed.

    Eight discover they are trapped. Caught in a game so deadly that the most terrifying experiences of their lives were only its qualifying round, they now face the greatest danger on the island… each other.

    Worse, one of them is not who he or she claims.

    Seven fight to escape.

    Six try to solve the mystery of who lured them there and why.

    Five… Four… Will anyone survive New Year Island?