suspenceful erotica

  • Full Trust by Ann Bradford

    0 out of 5

    You’re only as strong as those you trust.

    Andy has lived with memory loss since he was a young boy, but after he finds Hadley’s nightgown torn to pieces, he panics and refuses to be alone with her. What is his alter ego doing when he blacks out? He needs someone he trusts to keep him in line during these heated moments. But after his best friend’s betrayal, he doesn’t know who they can or should trust.

    You protect her when I can’t.

    Peers is finally in a better place in his life. He has a good career, friends, and by giving up sex, he’s managing to keep his strange fevers under control. But when he stumbles on Hadley in a dangerous situation, his past feelings for her come rushing back at him, spiking his fevers. Gripped by a determination to keep her safe and rekindle their smoldering hot affair, he agrees to meet Andy…

    Bound by a promise, family by choice.

    Hadley is in trouble. A drug dealer from her past is making her life hell. Andy keeps slipping into his alter ego at the worst times. Her feelings for Peers are getting hard to refuse. And Andy’s best friend is back, determined to come between them. When she arranges for Andy and Peers to meet, she has nothing to lose, her life as she knows it is over. What she didn’t expect is just how deep Andy and Peers’ pasts entwine, or how hot—fevered hot—things will get.

    Warning:This book contains explicit descriptions of romantic activity between three consenting adults. This erotica is m/m/f combination. Only mature readers 18 years or older should download or order this book.