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  • Owned: Black Mistresses White Slaves by Natalie Greenhorn

    0 out of 5

    For Mature Readers Only
    Taboo stories of submissive white women who experience what it’s like to be sexually dominated by strong Black women for the very first time.

    Stories Included:
    When David Left: Part I
    After being cheated on Natalie finds the woman who her boyfriend has been sleeping with. Problems arise but soon subside as shes later invited for a threesome and feels pleasure like she never had before, thanks to the mistress.

    Sex with My Host
    A Nigerian foreign exchange student invited to the U.S teaches her rude blonde host, that her white privilege means nothing to her and in this household, there’s only one woman in charge

    Owned: My Two Ebony Queens
    Julianne moves to a new state to start a new life and experience things she has never experienced before. Which just so happens to include her first lesbian, Master/Sub and interracial romance with her personal trainer Stacey and her friend, the relationship is anything but normal.

  • The Angel’s Beloved #1: The Dreamer’s Love by Laurel Black

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    “Lord Damon?”

    ‘That voice.

    ‘He froze. Damon turned, and found Silas standing there, with a clean, white coat in his arms.

    ‘His lips parted, as he dropped the pillow to the bed. Silas stood there, resolute, with the same, brimming innocence he had so many years ago. He looked down, with a cute little blush across his face. “I shouldn’t even be doing this,” he mumbled to himself. “But here; this is yours, I believe.”

    ‘Damon approached him carefully. He grabbed the cloak from Silas’s outstretched arms. “Why’d you come back?”

    Silas Hegel is the son of a rich aristocrat, whose kind heart has gotten him into trouble more than once. After an accident at a party, Silas finds himself at the mercy of Lord Damon, one of Queen Elizabeth’s most powerful nobles. But there’s more to Lord Damon that meets the eye, and what started off as a simple debt turns into a powerful romance filled with obsession, hope, and heartbreak.

  • Bimbobook: Part Two by Velvet Rainne

    0 out of 5

    “Is there someone in there with you?”
    “I’m disciplining a student who happens to have a MASSIVE attitude problem.”

    Math nerd Conner’s life suddenly gets turned upside down when he mysteriously gets struck by lightning while coding a website. Unbeknownst to him, he had created a digital magical button that has the ability to turn any woman into submissive bimbo goddess that can’t get enough of his new massive manhood!

    With the powers of his new website, any girl who was out of his league will now be screaming his name! After bagging the hottest girl on campus with hardly any effort, Conner sets his sights on his sexy science teacher. But this is just the beginning of Bimbobook!

    Contains themes of MnF bimbofication, mind control, and hypnosis.

    This book is an erotic short story with bonus content at the end.

  • Leather and Love; tales of straight men sex-ploring BDSM and how I grew into the BDSM by Buck Rougher

    0 out of 5

    This is auto-biographical account of my sexual development.

    From childhood to adulthood, to learning about my first BDSM experiences.

    The evolution of my taste for BDSM


  • My Gay Lover Is A Werewolf Alpha Billionaire by Taylor Lake

    0 out of 5

    When American in London Sam Lorne loses his prized drawing pad after a theatre performance, he’s crestfallen – but disappointment soons turn to steamy intrigue when a handsome, incredibly rich stranger shows up at his place of work the next day with the pad in hand and an invitation to dinner.

    Julian Rathbone, lordly British billionaire with an arresting presence and a starkly dominant manner, has Sam wrapped around his little finger – but does Julian have a secret? Why does Sam feel strikingly compelled to obey his every word? And is that a flash of yellow he catches in his date’s dark eyes?

    A gay supernatural erotic romance story featuring an alpha wolf who’s lord of all that he surveys, a dominant/submissive relationship, and the explosive passion of a new-minted omega submitting to his alpha, My Gay Lover Is A Werewolf Alpha Billionaire is exquisite opulence and searing heat at every turn.

  • Without Choice – Blackmail in the Pacific (Book One) by Suzi Milan

    0 out of 5

    Lily Samms has the opportunity of a lifetime – 30 days paid internship on a South Pacific Island…. in February! A chance to get some “hands-on” experience, avoid more winter in Iowa and escape the stress of taking care of everybody else. It seems too good to be true.

    Lucas Charles owns a company he runs from a South Pacific island… hell… he owns the island. He really does have everything he wants… except a woman…with no strings attached. He’s not going to let a little thing like “honesty” stand in the way of what he wants…and he wants Lily Samms.

    These two are about to collide, and you’ll soon find out that they have very different definitions of “hands-on.”

    Lucas has the power to destroy Lily’s entire world, and she has the power to stop him. All she has to do is something she’s never done before… surrender all control.

  • Notebook of Secrets by Tia Rain

    0 out of 5

    When her professor informs the young, shy and submissive student that he needs to speak with her alone in his office about her current class behavior, she soon discovers that the secrets in her notebook, about her sexually charged fantasies with her creative writing professor aren’t so much secret anymore, her fantasies become hardcore reality!

  • Lolly Learns a Lesson by Cara Cane

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    When sexy college student Lolly Lane comes to Professor Artemus Hooper and demands a better grade, he decides to make her earn it. Lolly agrees, but each one of his demands seems kinkier than the last. Will Lolly submit to every request?

    Content Warning: This novelette contains explicit material much too naughty for this description.

    Themes explored in this short story: Submission, spanking, rough sex, dirty talk, bdsm

  • Submissive After Dark: Explicit Sex Stories Collection by Cara Cane

    0 out of 5

    This collection of sexy stories from erotic romance author Cara Cane contains four unrelated tales of passion with one thing in common: they are all red-hot! Designed specifically to arouse, these stories will wet your appetite for submissiveness after dark. The collection includes two shorts and two novelettes. Stories feature a young woman’s first menage with the two men she loves, a progressive woman who prowls video booths in search of casual sex, a voyeur who experiences a steamy midnight gang bang, and a college student who wantonly submits to her professor.

  • obey (Companion Academy Volume One) by Sierra Black

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    Humankind has settled many worlds, and society’s values have changed. The most valued people in all the worlds are Companions, professional Submissives who pleasure the rich while holding the most respected spots in society. The highest dream of almost every young person is to become a Companion. Or to own one.

    Miri finds herself without a viable future, but is surprised to find herself accepted into Companion Academy. The exclusive school is the only entry into the highest forms of society. There she will learn to turn pain into pleasure, to submit to any Master or Mistress who owns her contract, and to obey when her deepest instincts tell her to fight back against everything being done to her body and mind.

    Miri’s first shocking few days at Companion Academy show her the first limits she owns that she must move past, and how pain and pleasure, want and need, can all be combined to turn an innocent young woman into the ultimate sexual submissive, a Companion.

  • His Darkest Desire: The Complete Collection by Claudia King

    0 out of 5

    Aspiring journalist Nina can’t believe her luck when world-renowned author Elliot Wolf offers her a job as his typist out of the blue. Unable to pass up the opportunity she begins to work for the enigmatic Mr. Wolf, but soon realises that beneath the job offer lies a far darker desire.

    Elliot Wolf likes to play games, and Nina is his latest toy. Is his interest in her superficial, or is there something genuine lingering beneath the surface?

    Cruelty and kindness are two sides of Elliot’s personality, but which one is the real him?

    Wrestling with her desire to be dominated and her reluctance to leave herself at the mercy of a man she knows so little about, Nina soon finds herself slipping into a dark sexual world beyond anything she has ever experienced.

    His Darkest Desire: The Complete Collection contains all nine chapters of the original serial novel by Claudia King, revised and re-edited.

    Chapter one is also available for free download at most retailers.

    58000 words in length. Contains graphic descriptions of sex and BDSM. Not for the faint of heart!

  • Foreplay for Murder by Dick C. Waters

    0 out of 5

    Keeping a deformed redhead hidden away until she becomes a gorgeous redhead is not the best strategy. Adding misdirected care focused on sexual gratification can lead to unpredictable results. When the butterfly finally recognizes her own beauty and sexual powers…roles get reversed. Family secrets along with money, greed, lust, desire, and kinky sex become Foreplay for Murder.

    Scott Tucker has no idea what he has agreed to do when he embarks on what he thinks is just a small investigation. He also has no idea how tight the ropes in his nightmares will become.