#Submissive male

  • Double Trouble (Dommes after Dark) by Colette Caron

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    How are the twin Dommes going to tame a difficult submissive that no other dominatrix wants?

    Mindy and Cindy must see something in him that is worth saving, or is he simply a challenge to them?
    Markus doesn’t trust easily but something about the blond twins draws him in. Can he trust them?
    This is the story of their journey to find what we are all looking for: somebody to love us and accept us the way we are. However, no journey is without its difficulties. They will have to face many challenges along the way to their happy ever after.
    The most difficult challenge would be their own fears and making peace with events from their pasts.

    This is a spicy and smoking hot novel involving BDSM and Femdom. This Erotic Romance novel includes very hot and explicit sexual scenes. There will be some cursing and may contain some bondage and spanking.
    (Who am I kidding? It will definitely have that and a lot more!)