strong heroine

  • Besieged by LP Lovell

    0 out of 5

    “This book had everything, it is funny and steamy and I just loved it.” – Reviewer.

    Theodore Ellis. Men want to be him, and women just want him. He’s the entrepreneurial bad boy, the tabloids darling, and as infamous in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom.

    What happens when a player meets his match?

    Lilly Parker throws down a gauntlet Theo can’t help but pick up. The deal? No strings. It should be so simple.

    Hearts will become dangerously besieged, and walls will be battered to the ground.

    Love is a war. She who dares wins.

  • Michael’s Passion by Joel Crofoot

    0 out of 5

    Michael has been on earth for thousands of years, but nothing could have prepared him for meeting a demonic seductress that he can’t bring himself to kill.
    Jahi has made a living as prostitute, but she’ll be damned if she is going to trade one kind of slavery for another.
    Can the lines between good and evil blur?

  • The Crime of Seduction by Nadine LaForet

    0 out of 5

    “Heath was definitely more handsome in person than on his profile—if that was even possible. He was vital and flirty and had an incredible level of magnetism she found inescapable. From the second she felt his hand on her shoulder and heard him say her name, she was physically drawn to him in a way she had never experienced before…”

    Alex Barton is a hardworking young paralegal in the Emerald County Prosecutor’s Office in the fictional Northern California coastal town of Scottsville. Despite her grueling work life, Alex, a single woman in her early thirties with a passionate nature, yearns for a real connection with somebody. As Alex cruises through the personals of the dating site one night, she lays eyes on the stunningly attractive Heath Valentine, who reaches out to her online.

    Their first date is a sizzling one, and Alex is soon head over heels for Heath, an apparently wealthy man who lives in a tastefully designed house. Alex is thoroughly seduced—though her older and wiser friend Mari warns her not to get emotionally involved. Mari knows a slick salesman when she sees one.

    In Nadine LaForet’s suspense-filled debut erotic romance, hot and steamy sex is interwoven with romantic rejection and doubt. For Heath is too good to be true, and Alex is forced to face the embarrassing consequences of her actions. Through a series of twists, a new man comes on the scene for Alex who will accept her for who she is. But even after seeing the light, can she escape the net that has been woven around her?

  • Killer Romances: 10 Dark, Deadly & Delicious Suspense Novels by Dana Delamar, Tallulah Grace, Sandy Loyd, Kristine Mason, Dale Mayer, Nina Pierce, Chantel Rhondeau, K.T. Roberts, H.D. Thomson, and Susan Vaughan

    0 out of 5

    Ten of today’s hottest romantic suspense authors have joined forces to bring you an amazing boxed set of ten full-length novels–all for one low price! Romance, mystery, and thrills abound in these dark, deadly, and delicious tales of lethally sexy heroes and the women who bring them to their knees. Love bad boys? We’ve got ’em. Love good guys? We’ve got them too! There’s something for everyone who picks up this red-hot bundle. Ready to dive in?

    Books included:

    Dana Delamar ~ REVENGE (Blood and Honor, #1)

    Amazon Bestselling Author Tallulah Grace ~ Cliffs of Starsdale

    Bestselling Author Sandy Loyd ~ Deadly Misconceptions

    Kristine Mason ~ Shadow of Perception (Book 2 CORE Shadow Trilogy)

    USA Today Bestselling Author Dale Mayer ~ Haunted by Death (By Death Series Book 2)

    USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Pierce ~ Blind Her With Bliss, Book 1 of the Dangerous Affairs Series

    Chantel Rhondeau ~ Love & Deception (Agents in Love – Book 1)

    Amazon Bestselling Author K.T. Roberts ~ The Last Witness

    Award-winning Author H.D. Thomson ~ Shrouded in Darkness – Book 1

    Award-winning Author Susan Vaughan ~ Primal Obsession

  • Reckless Nights in Rome by CC MacKenzie

    0 out of 5

    Though the name of her celebration and wedding cake business is up in lights, Bronte Ludlow doesn't care for the trappings of success. All that matters to her is her company, her independence and her heritage,The Dower House. Home to her ancestors since the seventeenth century, no way will she part with it to ‘a man with too much money and no soul’.

    Nico Ferranti’s only passions are money and power… He's a man who stopped believing in romance long ago and Bronte's a romantic, yet the attraction sparking between them like fireworks over the Piazza del Popolo stuns Nico.

    When Bronte's brother is badly hurt in a car accident in Rome, Nico whisks Bronte to the Eternal City. He wants her and he wants The Dower House and Nico Ferranti always gets what he wants.

    But Bronte’s heart has already been broken by one ruthless charmer and although tempted she isn’t about to give up either her heart or her home to the charismatic Italian without a fight!

  • An Eye For Danger by Christine M. Fairchild @fairchild01

    0 out of 5

    When former war photographer Jules Larson braves a PTSD

    attack to jog beyond her five-block safety zone in Central Park, she runs right

    into a murder scene.

    Taken hostage, Jules provides escape for Sam Fields, an

    undercover cop desperate to avoid capture by his nemesis and former mentor,

    Detective Stone McCarthy. Sam can’t afford to blow his two-year investigation

    of Goliath, a band of crooked cops who clean up New York City streets vigilante

    style. Especially if Stone is one of them.