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  • Pool Sharks and other Femdom Stories by M. V. Gaius

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    Pool Shark and other Femdom Stories is a very hot compilation of 10 high voltage tales showing the power that women have over men.

    Pool Shark – Tom picked the wrong woman to try to hustle, and now his dignity and his freedom are the price

    Kicking the Habit – A bet about beer ends up for some very naked consequences

    Tom’s Downfall – Dating several women at a time has some very serious consequences

    The Expensive Date – A man discovers that picking up the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen had a significant catch

    War is Hell – The battle of the sexes interrupts the boys weekend out with some

    very sexy consequences

    The Interrogation – The interrrogator becomes the interrogated

    The Prankster – When your girlfriend has magical powers, and a cruel prankster streak, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

    One Pump Chump – Enslaved to a strip club for a month ends with an impossible task

    The Exchange Student – Spending a semester overseas with three gorgeous French Sisters never seemed better

    Steve’s One Night Stand – The ultimate player gets played in the ultimate way