Strawberry Chase

  • Silver Guardian by Strawberry Chase

    0 out of 5

    It’s a typical Las Vegas love story. Girl meets guy. Guy saves girl.
    The only problem, this guy’s an Angel. And a police officer.

    I can’t believe such a thing is real. How are there Angels, or rather Angel-cops, especially in Las Vegas?

    And I’m not exactly a good girl. The whole reason Diego had to intervene was to save me from my drug dealer ex-boyfriend and his sketchy boss. But there is something about him that pulls me in, like my feelings for him are out of my control.

    I have to get used to his shining silvery eyes and the fact that his wings are one of the most sensitive parts of his body.
    But he needs me for something else – the Las Vegas Police Department is searching for my ex and his boss, and I’m the only connection they have. And Diego won’t risk me.

    But what he doesn’t know is the drug boss is really a demon, one who now has a vendetta against Diego, and he will use anything to get back at the Angel-cop shutting down his drug empire.

    Including me.

    Angels aren’t as pure as you think they are.

  • The Visitors on the Ranch by Strawberry Chase

    0 out of 5

    The beautiful daughter of a wealthy rancher, Bethie Jo has pined for the ranch hand next door for as long as she can remember.

    ★ Can she still love him when she learns who he really is?

    Bethie Jo is in her senior year of high school, class of 1957, and is feeling the pressure to find a well-to-do rancher’s son to marry.

    But none of the high school boys interest her. The man she’s known most of her life, however, the cowboy who works at the strange ranch next door, is the one she wants. And she is willing to go against all the prejudices of her friends, her parents, and the whole town to follow her heart.

    But Calvin is hiding more than she realizes.

    Cal’s own heart has been tied to Bethie Jo’s since he first met her. When she decides she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, Cal tries his best to fit in.

    But if they are going to be lovers, he must reveal to her who he really is and what is really going on behind the odd happenings at the Myer ranch. The rumored Skinwalkers are closer to her than she knows.

    At first, his differences don’t matter — Bethie Jo loves him anyway.

    But when she sees what the alien in him can become, something vilified by everyone in town, will she stay with him as she promised?

  • The Heart of Area 51 by Strawberry Chase

    0 out of 5

    In the 1950s, a stranger comes to the rescue of a Nevada waitress on a chilly fall night. She learns the stranger is a rancher who wants to get to know Delilah better. Tom seems to be out of this world, but the police think he has more to do with the death of a local ne’er-do-well. Delilah finds herself covering for Tom and her interest in him growing.

    Believing herself to be a spinster, Delilah thinks Tom is everything she has been searching for in a man. Only when the police turn the mysterious dead man case over to the government officials at Area 51, Delilah realizes Tom may have more secrets.

    When Tom shows her who he truly is, Delilah has a choice to make. Does she turn him over to the government? Or does she take the chance at a new, exciting life with this rancher?