Stephanie K. Johnson

  • The Convent of Santa Susanna by Stephanie K. Johnson

    0 out of 5

    In the 19th century there was a tradition that a trainee from the brotherhood be placed at the Convent of Santa Susanna for a period of a year. The purpose was to broaden the education of the trainee and for him to prove his usefulness to the convent.

    The story t6ells the journey of discovery for one particular young trainee called Enzo. He works had but he is soon seduced by the flirtatious behavior and beauty of the younger novices and even one of the sisters. The convent is visited regularly by a local priest who hears the confessions of the convent’s inhabitants. The young trainee is terrified of confessing his sins but soon learns to appreciate the priest’s unorthodox methods of absolving them.

    The book reveals something about the life of the convent and of the area surrounding it. Our young trainee soon proves he is skilful and resourceful in carrying out his duties. He proves himself even more skilful in his intimate dealings with the young women, spilling his seed freely deep inside their receptive young bodies.

    The opening chapters set the scene but the content soon turns to describing the lustful exploits of our young trainee. This is a sexually explicit coming of age story.

  • The Amorous Adventures of Lucy Jenkins by Stephanie K. Johnson

    0 out of 5

    This is the first book by a new author, Stephanie K. Johnson.

    It is full of the deliciously naughty adventures of Lucy Jenkins and her friend Melissa French. Lucy has just turned eighteen. She has been studying in South America as her daddy is a diplomat there. Lucy longs to get back to the UK to spend the summer holidays with her best friend, Melissa. Arrangements have been made for Melissa’s older sister, Felicity, to accompany Lucy on the flight home.

    Felicity is a little older and definitely game for anything! Lucy’s sexual education begins when she witnesses Felicity wasting no time in getting hot and steamy with another passenger on the flight. Her education has well and truly begun by the time she arrives at Milton Manor, Melissa’s family home.

    Lucy and Melissa both witness and embark on a series of sexual adventures. They are soon up to very naughty things with the gardener, the gardener’s son and even the chauffeur.

    Have fun reading all about Lucy’s journey into naughtiness and sexual desire during her stay at the Manor. Sexually explicit throughout and guaranteed to get your juices flowing!