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  • Wrecked by Arabella Abbing

    0 out of 5

    Brandon Jensen was a legend.

    Known for his wealth and ruthlessness, he ran his company with the single-minded focus of a man possessed. Brandon had been working non-stop for nearly a decade.

    Even after he seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.

    No one saw him anymore. Not his employees or his family. But the missing persons investigation had been closed and his business continued to run like he never left.

    The disappearance of my stepbrother was a mystery that plagued my thoughts almost every night until a letter arrived in my mailbox.

    A plea for my help, signed with his initials.

    Even though we parted on bad terms after our last falling out, I couldn’t resist my chance to get answers.

    The reason behind his disappearance became clear the moment my eyes landed on his face for the first time in five years.

  • PERFECT: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    The first time I met Billy Taylor, we came thisclose to having sex in the parking lot of a bar.

    I was upset, okay? I’d just dumped my lying, cheating boyfriend.

    I had my perfect life with him all planned out, and then he ruined it when he put his hands on another woman.

    Billy isn’t like him, or any other man I’ve known … but I can’t let myself think about Billy.

    Or his amazing, sculpted, gorgeous Greek-god body.

    No. I can’t.

    And I absolutely, positively mustn’t fantasize about finishing what we started.

    We could never work. Ever.

    I’m all about the city.

    He’s country down to the bone.

    And if that’s not enough … he’s also my soon-to-be stepbrother.

    So I can’t think about the way he keeps teasing me, flirting with me, driving me crazy.

    Or remember the way his body felt against mine in that parking lot, all heat and hard muscle.

    And the times he’s been nice when I really needed it.

    I have a plan for my life, dammit.

    And Billy Taylor is not part of it.

    If I keep telling myself that, maybe I’ll even believe it.

    PERFECT is a stepbrother romance novella with no cliffhangers, and a very happy ending.

  • Max: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    It was supposed to be one night, not ‘til death do our parents part.

    Lola – I thought I was done with arrogant alpha-holes, but clearly I just can’t stay away from them. The day Tyson tells me he’s been cheating on me, the day before Mom gets married for the umpteenth time, Max crashes into my life, all ripped muscles and perfect eyes.

    One night was the deal, how was I supposed to know he was about to become a permanent fixture?

    Max – I’m not coming halfway across America for Dad’s surprise wedding and leaving with nothing. When I see Lola stride past me without even looking up, I know right then I have to have her.

    The plan was to give her the night of her life and never see her again. How was I meant to know what she was going to become?

    For a limited time only, Max comes with two additional bonus books, absolutely free!

    Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby Part 1 and Tempest: A Stepbrother Romance Part 1 are both included with this purchase.

  • Heated: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    He was a jerk, but she loved him, that was the first problem. The second? He was her stepbrother.

    Dante Hix. An alpha male. A billionaire at 21. A God.

    Three years already and she still wasn’t over him. What the hell was she thinking going back again now?

    If she had any sense she wouldn’t have, but if she had any money she wouldn’t have needed to either. Broke, with bills piling up, there was only one way left for her to turn.

    She had to see him.

    And then when she did, she knew immediately. It was going to happen again.

    He asked her to dance for him, but it could have been anything. Stupid Sash didn’t realize exactly what that meant.

    All that time later and she was still doing the same. Her clothes on the floor, his body pressed up against hers, her hand on her belly.

    A wish.

    If she gave him what he wanted, he could never run away.

    This is the complete collection of the serialized novel – Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby and includes a never before released, brand new epilogue!

    If scorching hot, taboo romance and head-strong, alpha male billionaires that will stop at nothing to get what they want aren’t your thing, please look away now.

  • SPEED: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    Axel Beckers, hotshot, heartbreaker, Kayla’s first crush.

    She’s never truly gotten over him, and now he’s back in her life.

    Ten years ago, when Kayla was fifteen, her mom was married to Axel’s dad, professional race car driver and serial cheater. It was no surprise when things ended badly for their parents, like World War III badly.

    Now all grown up and working at a magazine, Kayla takes on an assignment to interview Axel, who’s followed in his dad’s footsteps, professionally and personally. He’s an up-and-coming Indycar driver who’s also a regular feature on gossip sites. He’s got a different woman on his arm any time he’s not behind the wheel.

    Kayla hopes that seeing him again will break the hold Axel unknowingly has on her.

    But things don’t go as planned.

    There’s a stumble and a kiss, and both of them want more, even though it’s wrong for so many reasons.

    Kayla is determined not to risk her heart on a playboy like Axel…but can she resist him? He’s used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Kayla.

    SPEED is a stepbrother romance novella with no cliffhangers, and a very satisfying happy ending.

  • Jagger, a Stepbrother Romance: Full Book plus Bonus Chapter by Olivia Hawthorne

    0 out of 5

    We’re two different people.

    He’s my cocky, arrogant, rock star stepbrother, Jagger. He betrayed my trust years ago and I haven’t been able to forgive him ever since.

    I’m in college and the good girl in every sense of the word. Perfect GPA, perfect group of friends, and worlds apart from my Internet famous stepbrother who’s famously known for breaking hearts and leaving throngs of screaming fans in his wake.

    So how can I tell my body to stop going crazy every time we’re together?

    And when you’re sharing a room with the hottest man you know in the most romantic city in the world, how can you possibly say no?

    She’s almost unbearable and completely off limits.

    Jessa, aka JJ. My stepsister.

    She’s perfect, focused, snide and hates me.

    And she’s completely irresistible.

    She haunts my thoughts, my dreams.

    And she’s the reason I do what I do.

    I’m a bad boy to forget about her.

    The only problem is, it isn’t working.

    ***Originally published as a three part series, this edition includes a 6200 word BONUS chapter.

  • Tempest: A Stepbrother Romance Part 2 by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    Alexis devises a cunning plan to protect her suddenly destitute family, while complications surrounding the death of her estranged husband delay the passing over of his substantial inheritance to Leighton.

    Gracey somehow defies logic by continuing to resist the irresistible billionaires advances, but wonders how much longer she can really hold out, with Pandora breathing down her neck to jump him, as soon as he gives her the go ahead.

    With suspicions arising over the true culprit, and police tests proving seemingly conclusive, Pandora feels an opportunity to intervene and leverage the situation to her advantage, a little too hard to turn down.

    In this explosive second part, who will end up getting what they truly desire?

  • Tempest: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    When filthy rich businessman Philip Mandrake De Vries collapses, his gold-digging wife, Alexis, believes receiving his substantial inheritance will be nothing more than a formality.

    The arrival of the mysterious and drop-dead gorgeous Leighton Tempest seems destined to complicate things, however.

    Leighton comes to pay his respects for the dying man, but hides a secret that could have a devastating effect on the whole family.

    Whatever happens, Leighton won’t leave until he’s got what he wants. And when Leighton decides he wants something, there is little that can stand in his way.

    This is part 1 of a multi-part series. Part 2 is already written and will be released a week from publication of this title.

  • Stepbrother Billionaire by Taylor Frost

    0 out of 5

    He was the only person who would comfort me after I got fired from the Gallery. I’d worked so hard for that job and just like that it was gone.

    But he was there. And he was my stepbrother. My Billionaire Stepbrother.

    It was only supposed to be drinks and sushi. But for some reason we hopped into an Uber cab and headed back to my apartment. I shouldn’t have let him in. I should have known that Christopher would only be trouble.

    But I couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t…

  • Dirty Country Love: A Step-Brother Romance Novella by Candy Quinn

    0 out of 5

    They’re not supposed to be attracted to each other. After years apart, a funeral brought them back together, but neither were prepared for what they saw in each other.

    She’s just a simple farmgirl, living a low key life, workin’ at a diner in town. He ran off to the big city the moment he could, and comes back covered in tattoos, and with that killer body of his. Yet she can see a kindness in him that wasn’t there before, and he can see a sensuality in her that’s newly blossomed.

    But life has sent them in different directions for a reason.

    A Romance Novella with steamy passion by Candy Quinn.

  • Officer Stepbrother: Resisting Arrest by Arabella Abbing

    0 out of 5

    I’ve been dating my boyfriend Danny for five weeks now and I’m finally ready to take our relationship to the next level. One night, I ask him to take me parking up at Harper’s Hill, the local make-out spot in my small town. Things start to get heated in his Camaro, but he pulls away every time I try to go further.

    When I demand an explanation, he finally reveals that he doesn’t even like me and the only reason he dated me at all was because of a stupid dare.

    Which makes it even more mortifying when a flashlight taps against the glass of the window and I exit the car in my half-dressed state to come face-to-face with the newest member of the police force; Officer Brent Jordison.

    My hot, alpha male stepbrother.

  • Step Slut by Scarlett Marks

    0 out of 5

    With her blackmailing step brother away on a road trip with his best friend, eighteen year old Sara is temporarily free of obligation to serve his every whim. But when the pair return after a month away, Sara finds she has not just one man to satisfy, but two. And she will have to use all of her carefully learned sensual skills to do it.

  • Stepbrother’s Surrender by Megan Haynes

    0 out of 5

    My stepbrother Evan has just discovered my secret and nothing will ever be the same…

    But I’m sick of his hot and cold behavior and I made a plan to get forbidden thoughts of him out of my system. Only the plan isn’t working and he’s mad. Really mad.

    And it’s only a matter of time before my stepbrother surrenders…

    This short story is intended for mature audiences only due to its taboo subject.

  • My Taboo Bodyguard: A Forbidden Erotic Romance by Sasha Marcos

    0 out of 5

    When my regular security service blackballs me because I’ve chased off one too many of their wimpy bodyguards, I’m in a major bind. I’m a celebrity, after all. I can’t leave the house without solid protection.

    Then my manager has what she thinks is a brilliant idea. She knows someone who’s dependable, qualified, and willing to work right away. Too bad he happens to be the last person I want to spend any time with— let alone all day, every day. My stepbrother, Nick.

    Nick and I haven’t spoken for years, and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. But no one knows the real reason why.

    It all started with a forbidden kiss that I’ve never gotten over, the promise of a fantasy I could never forget. Now that we’re adults, who knows where it could lead. I’m sure it’s a terrible idea, but letting him guard my body is all too tempting…

  • Stepbrother’s Inheritance: Billionaire Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    Benjamin Brandt was the cool, popular wrestling champ and football player in school. Now he’s the paparazzi’s ‘Prince’ living the playboy life of the rich and famous.

    When our parents got together I was awkward, gangly but he was my hero. He always stood up for me. Until not long after graduation he left and never looked back. Just like my mom.

    Now his mother’s dead and he’s back in town.

    Part of her last will is that we reconcile but he’s dead set against her wish that we spend the month together at her villa in France. Even for his inheritance he doesn’t want to spend time with me. Why does he hate me? Why can’t I get the image of his grey eyes and solid body out of my head? What happened that night he left town?

    Stepbrother’s Inheritance is a stand alone novella. It contains adult themes and sweet, sexual content.

  • The Other Brother Part 1: Forbidden by Lauren Hawkeye and Tawny Stokes

    0 out of 5

    From two New York Times bestselling authors comes a stunning tale of betrayal and blood…

    Simple. The consummate good girl, this is the word I used to describe my life… until my stepbrother Seth came to live with us. Until that point, I’d been a very good girl… but my older, emotionally blocked stepbrother made me want to do very bad things.

    With him.

    In the course of one night everything changed, and my simple world was torn to shreds. I wanted to hate him. I did hate him. Mostly.

    But now he’s back. And nothing will ever be simple again.

    The Other Brother is a novel told in three parts. This is part one of three.

    **Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+**