stepbrother romance

  • Roommates by Hazel Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Ethan’s been avoiding his stepsister for years, but when she shows up on his doorstep uninvited, he realizes her absence has only made his heart grow fonder.

  • My Best Friend’s Ex by Hazel Kelly

    0 out of 5

    Logan’s been off limits ever since he got sheets deep with Zoey’s best friend, but what Zoey doesn’t know is that her crush isn’t as one-sided as she thinks.

    On the contrary, Logan’s felt her watching him all along, and now that she’s all grown up, this shy loner’s finding it harder than ever to keep his hands to himself…

  • Claiming Ryder by Starr James

    0 out of 5

    Elle Davis, America’s pop princess, has a secret.

    She’s head over heels in love with her best friend, her confidant, her rock.

    Her stepbrother.

    Ryder Scott already has her heart and soul, but he won’t take her body until she claims him. To the general public. To her mass of adoring fans. To their families.

    He’s tired of hiding and sneaking around. He wants the world to know that she belongs to him.

    Luckily for him, she’s finally ready to make her grand move.

  • The Quarterback’s Love Child by Kerry Taylor

    0 out of 5


    I was told that lust was a deadly sin.

    His name was Carl Owens.

    The star quarterback in Stowe Peak’s High School was so out of my league until I tripped in the hall. When he came to my rescue everything changed.

    I knew that lechery was a deadly sin, but his touch wiped away all my fears.

    We got to know each other in so many different ways.

    It didn’t feel wrong to be in love.

    There’s nothing bad about two people expressing how they feel.

    I had been taught by the church to be a good girl, and to steer clear of sin but the temptation was too much.


    Her name was Michelle Nelson.

    She was the untouched cherry that everyone wanted to pick. She turned from a bud to a beautiful flower over one summer and that’s when I noticed her.

    All the boys wanted her body, but she seemed to give me the first pick as I helped her pick up her books that day. A conversation turned to a date, which resulted in me tasting her sweet body. She came to my games, watched me practice and made me realize that there was more to life then just football. I saw things in a totally different light.

  • Wrecked by Kerry Taylor

    0 out of 5



    I don’t know what he’s hiding from, what he’s done, but one thing’s for sure:

  • Body Lock: MMA Sports Romance by Grace Hugh

    0 out of 5

    MMA fighting sensation Jans “The Dragon” will do anything to protect LeAnne… and their secret baby.


    I was a nobody. A nobody with a junkie mom and a sh*t life. I swore I’d never be like her, I was good!

    Until bad boy Jans rolled through like a storm, claiming my body with his dominating hands and my heart with his icy blue eyes. My mom finally did something right when she became Vinnie, Jans’ dad’s, arm candy girlfriend.

    Then everything went wrong.

    I know Jans didn’t mean to do it. He was only trying to protect me.


    Her innocence was like an addiction, I was obsessed from the moment I saw her. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet lips and delicious taste.

    My Capo father would kill us if he ever found out. He wanted to marry LeAnne off in some bullsh*t Family alliance but I had other plans.

    It all fell apart when I f**ked it up. Bad.

    Bad like a two year, federal penitentiary sentence bad.

    Now I’m out and nothing will stop me from doing what I have to and exposing Vinnie’s treachery to protect LeAnne.

    I’m 6’2″ and 220 pounds of hard, fighting muscle. I’ll battle it out in the cage and score our future. All I have to do is beat every opponent the Families send at me, no limit, in one night. Impossible but I’ll come out on top.

    *Note: Body Lock is a full length novel, heavy on the steam, with a happy ever after ending and no cliffhangers.*

  • URGE: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    For a LIMITED time, get Greed: A Stepbrother Romance, as a free bonus book!

    Skye Matthews is called to handle a scandal threatening the future of magazine magnate, Driver Fox. He is handsome, gruff, and a beast in business. The perfect chemistry for a battle of wills, as Skye learns Driver is a playboy, and possibly as bad a wolf, as they come!

    Skye, a curvy, strong woman, struggles to keep her work as Driver’s personal assistant and her personal life safe. But the heat between them is undeniable, and Skye finds herself falling for Driver. He finds himself falling for her as well. However, this is all before they find out they are step-related. Will their love triumph against impossible odds, or is Skye involved in just a one-time playboy fling?

    URGE is a stepbrother romance novella with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after! This is a first person point of view story told through the eyes of Skye.

  • Secret: A Military Stepbrother Romance by Aubrey Irons

    0 out of 5

    Hunter Ryan is a monumental d*ck.

    Bad boy, womanizer, soldier, pr*ck. Oh, and he thinks he’s God’s gift to women – mostly because of his… endowments.

    My mother just became the first female President of the United States, and now she’s about to marry her Secretary of State – Hunter’s father.

    Which means besides being my new security detail, that arrogant, insufferable man is my new stepbrother

    Oh, right, and it’s worth mentioning that I already slept with him.

    Forget John and Marilyn. Forget Watergate. Forget Monica.

    I’ve got a scandal that could rock the entire world. Dirty, illicit, forbidden; my secret, my stepbrother.

    This is about to be a true state of emergency; a national catastrophe.

  • Bull: A Stepbrother Romance Collection by Stephanie Brother

    0 out of 5

    **Warning: This bundle contains hundreds of pages of sexy bad boys, steamy scenes and passionate forbidden romance. **

    For the first time ever, these eight authors come together to bring you their hottest and sexiest stepbrother romances, all in one tantalizing set.

    The set includes authors Stephanie Brother, Molly Molloy, Kristianna Sawyer, Foxy Tale, Savannah May, Tabatha Kiss, Roma Dark and Jacqueline Sweet.

  • Cockney: A Stepbrother Romance by Aubrey Irons

    0 out of 5

    There’s a reason I hate Oliver Beckett: he’s a huge, massive prick.

    London’s hottest new bad boy chef is a panty-dropper. He burns his way through party girls’ bedrooms as fast as he blazes around his military-precision kitchen.

    He’s a face from my past I never thought I’d see again. The tattooed smooth-talking British exchange student from five years past. The one who brought me in like a moth to flame for one night of firsts… before he left me behind forever.

    The one who almost had my v-card.

    Except he’s not in my past anymore. Now I’m stepping off a plane in London to start my new job in his kitchen. London, where we’re moving because my mother is marrying his father.

    Yeah, not just my boss. That smug, arrogant jerk is about to be my stepbrother.

    He might be all grown up now – gorgeous and demanding and wildly successful. But what happens when the man who never hears no comes up against the one woman who won’t take his bullsh*t? The one that won’t submit.

    He wants me to beg him for it, but I won’t.

    I mean, I can’t, right? That would be so wrong.

    So deliciously wrong.

    I think I’m in big trouble.