steamy romance

  • Sky Full of Stars by Chris Reilly

    0 out of 5

    “With her love life in a mess, the handsome stranger who rescues her isn’t supposed to be more than a chance encounter.”

    Jenna never expected to be saved from a messed up situation with her ‘now ex’, by one of the hottest strangers she’s ever seen. Barely spending thirty minutes in his presence, he makes an impression. And he steals her phone number.

    She’s determined not to develop feelings for a man who only did her a favor, but the more they text, the more she longs to know everything about him. But he’s cagey, always travelling and there’s no way falling for him could end in anything but more heartbreak…

    He’s known the world over as Aidan Gass, lead singer of the rock band BreakNeck. His real name is Adam, and when he meets Jenna, for the first time in his life, a beautiful woman doesn’t recognize him, or ask for anything from him. The only way he can have her is via their texts, Adam can’t bring the chaos that is his life into hers. He definitely shouldn’t meet her in person…

    The longer they chat, the more he knows it’s not just simple attraction. He can’t give up on what he wants.

    “And what he wants, is Jenna’s heart, no matter the consequences.”

    Sky Full of Stars is a dual POV, steamy, angsty, love story with no cheating, no cliff hangers, and a happily ever after (HEA). This is Book 1 of the BreakNeck Rock Star contemporary romance series, all books in the series will be interconnected standalones.

  • Unlikely Mate by Courtney Roberts

    0 out of 5

    Janet (Nettie) Robinson has always struggled to fit in, unlike her older brother, Liam, and his best friend, Emmett. Even now, as an adult, her social life primarily consists of caring for dogs at a local animal shelter. But when Emmett comes home after three years for Liam’s wedding, the attraction between Nettie and her brother’s best friend is undeniable, as well as the secret he carries. It’s only when Nettie’s life is in danger that Emmett must reveal his true identity as a werewolf, opening her to a world of fantasy and love.

  • Outlaw Highlander Home by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

    0 out of 5

    Reardon MacLaurin has searched his entire life for a place to call home. But now that he’s found it with Anice, will it come crashing down? Returning home after more than two years in the employ of the king, all Reardon wants is to find peace in his life with Anice by his side. After he helps Clan Grant eliminate the threat of a local band of highwaymen and oust a traitor to the king, he believes that peace can be found. And with Anice as his bride, he truly feels as if he has achieved it. Now they can focus on building a life with each other.

    However, the threat of the traitorous Undersheriff, a criminal cloaked in the clothes of the law, still looms. When Reardon finds him before the Grant Highlanders do, in the worst possible way, that threat becomes more real. The Undersheriff’s vengeance knows no bounds, and Reardon’s life is at stake.

    Yet he is willing to sacrifice himself for his clan, for his friend Josiah, and most of all, for Anice. And the Undersheriff will ensure that Reardon does not return home.

    Begin this short novella series today – where the passion burns hot and fast like a fever! Outlaw Highlander Home is the final book in the Outlaw Trilogy in the Historical Fevered series.

  • Miael: The Couturier by Grea Alexander

    0 out of 5

    As the hour came now upon midnight, as Duchess Cressida Courtlandt stood alone on the nearly deserted London street, she could not quite compel herself to enter the Groversner Hotel – to carry on towards the couturier’s penthouse suite and some horrible temptation, some horrible ruination worse than anything Bedlam had to offer.
    On Goodreads, the Miael series is rated 4.02 based on 44 ratings & reviews.

  • The Photo Shoot by Inez Colbert

    0 out of 5

    The moment I walk in I know I’m not in the real world and I’m not safe in the confines I’ve created for myself. I have to go through with it – I’m determined to make things work between me and Max. When my marriage is at stake, though… how much is too much?

    Candice and Max have hit a dry spell in their marriage and she’s trying to liven things up with a boudoir photo shoot for their third anniversary. She doesn’t know if it’s going to help, but she’s going to try until there’s nothing left to do. She decides to follow through with the plans.

    Until the handsome man with the devilish smile hands her enough champagne that the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur.

    Ted isn’t what she had in mind and when her body is numb and her burning desire is all that’s left, Candice can’t decide who she wants to be and what she wants to portray anymore. She goes with the flow but it takes her in an unexpected direction. All while the camera is watching.

    Will her choices save their marriage after all? Or will Candice’s love life be ruined forever?

  • What the Heart Wants by Teiran Smith

    0 out of 5

    Burgeoning photographer Olivia Bell is a normal twenty-four-year-old, working diligently to hone her craft with the help of her idol and mentor, Everett Shaw. But she quickly falls for the much older, irresistible Lothario, and the two embark on a passionate, forbidden romance.
    When their relationship is revealed, the fallout has dire consequences. Everett isn’t just Liv’s mentor—he’s also a well-traveled, nefarious lady’s man responsible for countless broken hearts across the globe. Not to mention, her sister despises Everett to the deepest recesses of her soul. The odds are stacked against the star-crossed lovers, but they can’t deny what their hearts want.
    Determined to be together, they forge full steam ahead despite all that stands in their way. But what happens when Liv and Everett realize they are in different places in their lives… with conflicting hopes and dreams? Liv has to decide if she’s willing to fight to hold on to the love of her life, even if it means altering the plans she has for her future.
    But what will she do when the skeletons in Everett’s closet are brought out into the light?

  • The German’s Guilty Pleasure by Katie Mettner

    0 out of 5

    German CEO Lars Jäger is ready to start an American sexual revolution. His business is sex wrapped up in a vibrating bow, but no one is buying. When the stunningly beautiful Serenity Matthews signs on as his marketing director, he knows she will turn his business around as quickly as she turned his head. Serenity is the forbidden fruit, and Lars can’t stop himself from taking a bite … consequences be damned.

  • Holiday Pay by M.D. Dalrymple

    0 out of 5

    ♥ Officer Sinacore is ready for hot holiday action and handcuffs.

    ♥ But there’s no one to share it with.

    Christmas should be the loveliest time of year, but the drunken antics of the local Councilman are causing trouble for the boys in blue.

    And for those who are alone this holiday, like Officer Jaden Sinacore, it’s nothing more than another day on his regular patrol.

    Jaden had already arrested the Councilman several times, but the man knows enough powerful people to walk every time.

    When he pulls duty for the Holiday Festival, Officer Sinacore dreads another encounter with the man, another opportunity to ruin the holidays.

    Instead, Jaden has a chance meeting with a stunning red-headed city worker handing out hot coffee and cocoa.

    He spends the rest of his duty keeping the peace and keeping up with Jena.

    And their chance meeting leads to something hotter than a mug of cocoa.

    Jena’s excitement over dating a sexy cop consumes her whole holiday.

    Her encounters with her hot cop in uniform are nothing compared to how the couple heat up the sheets.

    Handcuffs included.

    They are giddy with each other. It seems like the perfect Christmas.

    Even the councilman appears to be taking a holiday break.

    Until the night of the city holiday party.

    Then with a surprise turn, the drunk Councilman’s actions lead to catastrophe.

    Can Officer Sinacore save the holiday party and keep Jena’s heart?

    Holiday Pay is a high-action, hard-hitting police romance in the Men in Uniform Series. If you love hot cops, heated relationships, and real-world police action, you will love Holiday Pay by M.D. Dalrymple!

    Discover this arresting holiday cop romance today!

  • The Jewel of the Glen by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

    0 out of 5

    What happens when a striking Scottish beauty finds herself at the mercy of kings and lords?
    When Caitrin MacCollough returns to her brother’s lands, she believes she has found a safe haven, a sanctuary. A striking beauty, one that is legendary in the Highlands, she attracts attention from everyone, including the king of Scotland, Sir Robert the Bruce.
    But after a lifetime of loneliness, the pandemonium of Clan MacCollough doesn’t sit well with the young Caitrin. To hide from all the chaos, she often hides her looks and retreats to animals in the barn, finding peace and quiet.
    When the King decides that a beauty such as Caitrin shouldn’t be hidden away, but instead used as a bartering chip to make alliances with another Highland chieftain, panic consumes her.
    With the help of the MacCollough giant, Torin, they embark on a radical, secret plan that amounts to treason. To accomplish this task, however, Torin must give up his own solitary life and do something he hasn’t done in years: open his heart to another.
    They believe their secret plan successful, only they don’t know an English Earl has his own plans for the Scottish lass.
    Amid a rich backdrop of fighting to reclaim a nation and a crown for Robert the Bruce, Caitrin and Torin must rely on each other to survive. Can they open their darkest hearts and find love with one another?

  • Accidental Tryst by Mia London

    0 out of 5

    “Passion, betrayal, lust, forgiveness–Accidental Tryst has it all! And did I mention it’s hot, hot, hot? A terrific read I couldn’t put down, I highly recommend this book. And you might want to make sure your romantic significant other is close by when you finish this steamy hot read…another winner from the pen of Mia London!” ~ Cindy Dees, NYT and USA Today bestselling author

    So much for the American Dream. After twenty years of marriage, successful careers, and two teenage boys, Angie and Mac’s relationship dissolves into disappointment and resentment. Overworked and underappreciated, the toll of their problems fizzles their dream of happily ever after.

    Smacked in the face with failure, Steve “Mac” MacKey refuses to give up so easily, and strategizes how to win back his wife. So a plan to confront her by leveraging the boys backfires on him. In the most wonderfully unexpected way.

    Angie’s misery in marriage is topped only by her misery without Mac. When she confronts Mac in his office, she learns just how fine that line is between lust and anger. And when she thought her husband couldn’t care any less about her, he sparked a new fire inside her she didn’t know existed . . . that felt so damn good.
    Sex may not solve everything, and it’s a far cry from making any real changes, or fixing her emotional rollercoaster.
    Can they last that ride long enough to save their marriage, or are their rifts and broken promises too deep to cross?