Stacey Lynn Hafner

  • Tattoo My Love (Book Two of the VANISHED TATTOO Series) by Stacey Lynn Hafner

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    Get ready for the scorching hot 2nd installment of the thrilling VANISHED Series with Tattoo My Love!

    This steamy and suspenseful romance returns you to Vanished Tattoos, this time focusing on Jax, delivering an even more gripping and enticing storyline.

    Jackson “Jax” Hall can’t resist the allure of Riley Abbott’s kind gray eyes and wide smile, but his loyalty to his best friend, Lucas Abbott, keeps him from acting on his desires. However, when Riley asks Jax for help with her students, their chemistry becomes impossible to ignore.

    As Riley moves on from a devastating breakup, she’s determined to follow her heart and explore the passion she feels for Jax. But when danger lurks around the corner, Jax must make a heart-wrenching decision to keep Riley safe, even if it means cutting himself out of her life entirely.

    Will Jax and Riley be able to resist the burning desire between them, or will their undeniable attraction consume them both?