• Unfinished: A First Love, Second Chance Romance by Susan Hammond

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    Nicole Chandler was seventeen the summer she fell in love with Jake Evans, the sexy, smart, rough-around-the-edges mechanic who knew more of the dark side of life than any kid ever should.

    Nicole was a sunshine Jake had never known—feisty, brave, funny. Definitely sexy. And she believed in him as no one ever had and made him laugh as though life might turn out okay. When the summer ended, Niki held his heart.

    Then she broke it.

    Secrets, misunderstanding—mistakes they both made—sent their lives on different paths, their story unfinished. But twenty-three years later, they still remember. Yet when they meet again, forgiving is one thing; forgetting is another.

    Young love is fragile, but with histories and exes and families, grown-up love is messy. And while building trust is hard, rebuilding what was shattered may be impossible.