Soulmate Erotica

  • S.I.R.E.N.S by J. B. Crown

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    From the pen of steamy, short story writer J. B. Crown comes a full-length erotic, action/adventure romance novel.
    It is the second great global conflict of the Twentieth Century. Winston Churchill orders the creation of a clandestine ‘Special Operations Executive’ with a mandate to ‘set Europe ablaze.’ Of around 13,000 agents, 3,200 are women. Life expectancy of an S.O.E agent in the field is only six weeks. Prior to the Normandy landings, the Allies devise an operation so important yet so risky it is considered almost impossible. With the liberation of Europe hanging in the balance, four women from very different places and backgrounds answer the call.
    Formed into a specialised, dedicated team; they are the S.I.R.E.N.S.