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  • Sex, Life, & Hannah Winter Season by Dorota Skrzypek

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    Big slut-hair, ferocious red lips, and thigh-highs, Hannah is set for her steamiest New Year’s Eve seduction ever. But instead, her boyfriend of five and a half years breaks up with her. Forced back into the revolving door of the L.A. dating scene Hannah finds herself agonizing over The Ex, trying to comfort herself in the hot young neighbor’s bed, and falling in love…again?

    The inaugural volume of the Sex, Life, & Hannah chick lit series is a sexy shotgun blast of cocktails, cockteases, and revelations. Surrounded by her slightly insane friends, Hannah treads the infamous waters of heartbreak. From the pros and cons of rebound sex, to navigating manic Ex-induced mood swings, and exploring whether a leather harness and latex can really help you move on, will Hannah ever find The One? Strap in and hang on, this ride is going to hurt.