Sophie Kaye

  • Lavender Kisses by Sophie Kaye

    0 out of 5

    Bellfrey has two flower shops. The families that own them refuse to talk to each other. So how can Tamara accept that she has a crush on the son of the enemy?

    Tamara hates conflict. She hates not being able to let her guard down for fear of running into any of the Millers. So she isn’t happy when she finds out that Ryan, who started it all, is moving back to Bellfrey.
    For a brief respite from the feud, Tamara flees the quaint small town. But instead of a relaxing week at a Flower Fair, she ends up at the same B&B as Ryan.
    His presence bewilders her. She’s used to avoiding him, and now she’s having dinner with him. And after he confesses how her parents’ demands affected him, he’s not so easy to hate. Is she falling in love with the enemy?

    Can she ever convince her family to accept him? Will he understand their point of view? Can love conquer all?

    This is a clean enemy-to-lovers romance. If you like quirky small towns and characters with lots of chemistry, then you’ll love Lavender Kisses.

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