• A Good Girl Has A Kinky Night by Jake Ellwood

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    Vicky’s day was quickly turning crummy. Her water heater broke, flooding the apartment and leaving her with no running water. She was behind on the reports at her job and had to work late, again. Just when the day was at its lowest point, he walked in the door. A vision from Vicky’s fantasies, the perfect man, a Greek god.

    Vicky never had a one-nighter before, but this day had been so awful, and he was so perfect, she couldn’t stop herself. She practically threw herself at him and he responded as you would expect; they went to his place.

    It was the best sex of her life. He did things to her she had never done before and made her feel things no man had ever been able to make her feel. The tryst made her forget all her problems. It would have been the right thing to do, if he had been the right man to do it with.