single parent

  • Low Country Daddy by Lexi Whitlow

    0 out of 5

    I never wanted to be tied down. No commitments. No family. Until baby Emma showed up on my doorstep…

    I was just a man and his boat, wild and free, roaming the Carolina coastlines.
    I wasn’t tied down or bound to anyone.
    Until she appeared — the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.
    Bright green eyes, just like mine. And a smile that melted my heart.
    Emma, my baby girl, abandoned at my estate in the middle of a scorching day.
    That was the day my world changed.
    And the day I needed Maddie more than ever.

    Maddie’s a single mom. She’s been through hell.
    And she’s the most beautiful, smart-mouthed woman I’ve ever met.
    When she offers to help me through the sleepless nights,
    I can’t refuse her.
    Soon, Emma isn’t the only person I want to cherish and protect.
    And Maddie is making my nights sleepless in a whole different way.
    Somehow, they’re becoming the family I never expected.
    When custody for Emma is in jeopardy — and Maddie’s future is on the line,
    I know I was a man meant to be tied down.
    And I’ll do anything to keep us all together.

    Low Country Daddy is the sweetest, steamiest beach read you’ll need for the month of June. School is out, the pool is open, and this hot single dad is sunbathing shirtless on his boat. Lexi hates cheating and cliffhangers, so you won’t find that here. Enjoy!

  • Dolphins for Sale by Jill Boon

    0 out of 5

    Pamela has been a good wife, devoted and willing to make her marriage work. Then her husband, Glen, is killed in a road accident and her world changes forever. A flirtation with her boss, Jeff, introduces her to passion and a chance meeting with a total stranger awakens her hidden feelings. Can she break off this affair with Jeff and concentrate on her mother who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer?
    Coming from burying her mother, Jeff fires her. Sweet revenge?
    Her life goes from bad to worse. Her son Shaun is injured at school. As she nurses her son, Pamela goes through her late husband, Glen’s old things and discovers he had a secret life
    Was Glen killed?
    Her son shows her an advert saying: DOLPHINS FOR SALE. Pamela travels to The Isle of Man intending to buy the dolphins. But fate had a surprise waiting for her. There, she discovers a world of death-defying bikers, octane junkies.
    Will Pamela find happiness here or discover this world too hot to handle?