Simon Gillard

  • The Ridgestone Way by Simon Gillard

    0 out of 5

    Set in the Docks on Ridgestone, life is hard, trying and bleak for all, and those that stay have little choices, almost as if their fate is set and bestowed upon them, against their will.

    A short story, this is a fiction book with a mystery/thriller spin.

    For one dweller, another path is unraveled is the most peculiar of ways.

    The book is enticing and exciting, and the reader will be surprised as they progress through the story to learn that not everything is as it first appears, and you’ll be left asking questions you want answers too.

    What action will follow next?

    Where am I now?

    Follow the questionable journey as choices lead to situations no one could have expected or favored.

    A mix of both creative writing and literal descriptions, this book will suit everyone who enjoys an intense and involved experience.

    Do not miss out, this tale is one unlike you’ve discovered before, and the meaning behind what is The Ridgestone Way, awaits you.