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  • Second Chance (An Erotica Short Story) by Marsela Moore

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    A night out on a cruise ship…an unexpected storm…a chance to reconnect.

    Charles is an invited guest on a cruise ship party a month before the wedding of one of his associates. Problem is, his ex-wife Marie, a recovering amnesiac, is also on board as the best friend and maid-of-honor for John’s fiance, Denise.

    While on the ship, it capsizes during a storm and Marie goes overboard. Charles goes in after her in a rescue attempt but they find themselves stranded on a remote island on what would have been their wedding anniversary. Will Charles fall back in love with Marie? And does she finally remember him? Will they finally get their second chance?

  • The Cup Bearer, and other stories by Elly Green

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    Erato’s Musings: classical mythology for the bedroom.

    The gods of Olympus were powerful, majestic, and seductive rulers of the world. Over thousands of years they interacted with the mortal realm; inspiring leadership, fear, and passion. Their passion for the mortals they ruled over was legendary. The stories in this collection retell those tales with all the desire and lust originally present. Discover what you’ve been missing.

    The Cup Bearer is the story of Zeus’ all-encompassing love for a mortal youth, Ganymede. Can Zeus work the fates in his favor when death and his wife threaten to tear him away from his lover?

    The other short stories in this collection involve the erotic tales of Artemis and Actaeon, Priapus, and Selene and Endymion.

  • SpectralSexual by Justin Finaughty

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    While she was alive, my wife and I had an amazing sex life.

    We were soul mates, but when she was taken away too early, I was devastated.

    We were destined to be together, so she found a way to come back – with the ability to temporarily “borrow” someone else’s body. This is the story of some of our adventures.

  • McLovin’ by Justin Finaughty

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    Book one in the Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum series.

    Your first job is often filled with many new experiences: your first paycheque, your first performance review, and for young Amy, her first threesome.

    Her budding sexuality has her exploring herself – and others – to learn what makes her feel good. Tonight, it’s Mike and Kevin who get to enjoy her explorations.

    An erotic short, approximately 5000 words.

  • RUN (Fire Rising Series) by Max Conway

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    What is the worst thing that could happen to you if you ran out of gas on the freeway, without a phone, at night, in The worst part of town, and two goons with razor sharp switchblades are quick to show up? A romance suspense short story.

  • The Arithmetic of breasts and other stories by Rochelle Potkar

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    This cluster of 7½ literary short stories presents to you the romantic-sexual facets of: Narain who lusts for Munika, hypnotized by her bosom in The Arithmetic of Breasts, and old Jaganlal who wants a favour from young Dia in The Room with a Sea-view.

    Jackie who is in love with Nic in Sky Park, and the surgeon in Dr. Love who is changing much more than Sneha’s hairline, nose, lip and chin.

    Shonali and Neel who are realizing that infidelity might not be such an easy thing in The Scent of a Conscience, and a woman who walks the tight rope between tradition and sexual exploitation in A place they call Scary.

    And, Sunil who meets the woman of his desires in What Men Want through an adult dating site.

    Through these stories, Rochelle Potkar explores the intensely personal ‘unrelationship’ that exists alongside its conventional twin, the relationship.

  • Billionaire Secretary Services 1 by Jessie Jules

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    Kayla Lopez is just another secretary from the temping agency to fill in for young Billionaire Brent Ewan. When their first meet and greet turns into a full on sex fest Kayla wonders if it could become a permanent position. Short story ( 4200 words ) Warning: Adult Content

  • The Secrets of Dreams by Lisa Fox

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    Samhain is a night of great power and it is the only night that the twin demigods of dreams, Calen and Rist, can be summoned by a mortal sorceress.

    Stephanie is skeptical, but the idea of calling the brothers inspires all kinds of wicked thoughts in her mind. She succumbs to the temptation and pours her deepest longings into the the chant, but can the twins fulfill her heart’s secret dreams?

  • Till Death and Beyond by Angie Skelhorn

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    Till Death and Beyond opens with a teenage girl named Zoe, inexperienced in witchcraft, in the woods on a Full Moon cast a spell for a love she feels is lost to her. The teenager new to magic, is careless of her words for her desire. The spirit of a maiden witch appears. At first the teenager is afraid of the ghostly figure, and then her curiosity calms her nerves.

    The Spirit tells the tale how she and the love of her life were separated by ignorance. Zoe, the teenage girl experiments with magic to reunite the Spirit with her long lost love.